#298) The Sundress

They were on their third date, just a casual get together of a stroll through the pasture at dusk. Joan liked getting to know Rick all the better, just wished that he would talk more.
“Do you like my sundress?”
“Yeah… it’s pretty…” He wished he could say that her beauty made the dress appealing, but words failed him.
“I sewed it myself,” she smiled proudly, after a long lull in the conversation.
“Nice.” It was backless. Rick didn’t see any bra straps. Did that mean her tits were unrestrained in there? He thought of them like two deer bouncing and bounding through a glen. He liked thinking about Joan’s tits. Then he realized that he had been silent for too long. Rick was amazed than Joan tan already… and it’s only late May… and she’s a redhead, but he didn’t know how to compliment her in this way…
This was like pulling teeth! Joan thought in frustration. How to move things along…? She stopped walking, seized the hem of the dress with both hands.
“Do you like it better on… or off…?” and she pulled the garment off over her head.
She was bra-less, Rick realized. Her fawns were free. They were so poignantly perfect, so innocent looking!
“You could say that the gingham print is the same color as these wildflowers,” she said in consternation as she laid the dress on the waist-high blossoms. “You could comment that my panties have a cherry-print on them, and then I could say that you can have my cherry, if you want it, if you’ll only ask politely…!”
God, she is divinely made, so smooth and soft and curved in all the right places! Rick stared wonderstruck, gob smacked, dumbfounded. It was because he was overwhelmed by so many sensory delights on one body, whereas Joan thought it was because he was a typical male.
“You’re gonna have to use your words!” she said to him as though he was a three year old. “Now what’s your favorite body part on a woman?” She cupped her breasts with both hands. “Do you like my boobies?” Joan peeled her underpants down, exposing the back first. “Or my butt?” and the cotton garment came down further, “Or my vagina? Which?”
“I like them all…” he said with awe, which made him sound inarticulate.
“I was hoping you’d answer with my butt. I have small breast, but a big butt. I’m proudest of my butt. I have some fantasies about it that we can get into later, if you want, but…”
“Shut up, Joan,” Rick interrupted, not unkindly, just emphatically. To insure that no more words flooded out, he kissed her. Rick kissed Joan passionately, saying in this way all that he was unable to state by any other means.
Joan sensed this about Rick for the first time, that he was a man of few words, but that he was a deep thinker, and caring to the point of passionate about things… about her. They made love on a bed of wildflowers, wordlessly, but eloquently, in the missionary position, looking soulfully into one another’s eyes. They did it for a long time, then several times over, given his passionate feelings for her and sharing this deed with her.
They lay there, afterward, breathing in unison, hearts beating hard in unison, sticky and sweaty and sanctified by sex, and he stroked her head, and slowly whispered, “…Your hair… is the color… of the twilight tonight…” And Joan felt as though he’d composed a book of poetry just for her.

4 responses to “#298) The Sundress”

  1. I always say spanking speaks louder than words but sex will make the point just as well in a pinch.
    Another great story from a great writer and I look forward to the next episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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