#300) Lavender Fields Forever

Joan and Rick had been a couple for two weeks now. Like the best couples, they had grown to appreciate their differences, to compensate, make adjustments. Joan tried hard not to blow Ricky away with a gale storm of words, and he forced himself to be loquacious and say more than just two word sentences, maybe even several sentences at a time. Like the best couples, they were learning to read each other’s nonverbal signals, whether an arched eyebrow or the body language of tensed shoulders or whatever.
And like the best of couples, particularly young and energetic couples, they communicated best sexually. That’s when they felt truly well paired, like a match made in heaven. They were two sides of the same coin, yin to the other’s yang.
Rick had shared with Joan after last night’s marathon love-making session, that he’d made up his mind. During pillow talk, he said that he agreed with her. That all of her feminine features were alluring, but that her cute, big bottom held special significance. He said this by caressing her curved rump affectionately and betraying, “I think you’ve made me into an ass man…” Joan had sensed this in him, how, when in the missionary position, his hands were drawn, as if magically, magnetically, to her bottom, to knead the flesh there hungrily, as if her loaves were his daily bread. Recently, he’d begun turning Joan over part way through their love-making, so that he could mount her from behind, so that he could focus all the more on her backside as he plowed into her sex. This subtle shift pleased Joan because she had something she wanted to share with her lover. Now the time was right. She didn’t do it in bed. Though she loved pillow talk the most of any part of her day, she didn’t want their discussion on her topic to be any more charged than it already was. Joan waited until Rick came home from work, when he cracked open a can of beer and sat cuddling on the couch to discuss their respective days, while dinner finished baking in the oven.
I want to share something with you…” she began, for once tentative about a topic. “You don’t have to say anything in response… maybe it’d be best if you didn’t, if you just heard me and let it sink in…”
“There’s something about my sexuality that you should know… that I want to share with you, as my lover… that I’ve never shared with anybody before…”
Joan loved the smell of hops on Rick’s breath. She snuggled in closer to him. She had trepidations about what she wanted to share, but she had a compulsion, too. He took a sip of his beer, put the beer down, and wrapped that arm around her. The other hand gravitated naturally down to cup her bottom.
“Since before I have memory, way before anything to do with puberty, I felt a sexuality in my butt. I was never spanked growing up, but I always spun fantasies where I was, and those fantasies got me very excited. When I first started to masturbate, that was with the onset of puberty, it was always with one hand on my pussy, and the other on my butt. I’d spank myself, finger my sex, then finger my anus. It all goes together in my mind, in my libido. I want you to share that part of me…” These words flowed out of Joan. She realized that they were who she was.
“Do you want… to experiment with… spanking you… right her and now…?” Rick asked.
“No, I have a special place in mind,” she answered. She turned off the oven and let dinner stay in there, and then led him by the hand. They got back in his pick-up truck, and she directed his driving to a nearby farm, a farm devoted to raising lavender. “Lavender is supposed to be calming,” Joan said, taking Rick’s hand and placing it over her heart. He felt it hammering so hard, he feared it’d explode. He realized that this was extremely important to her. He wanted “the experiment” to go perfectly.
They wandered out into a field of the purple blooms. Joan shucked her jeans off. The sun was just starting to set. It reminded them both of just two weeks before. He looked to her on how to proceed.
“Remember when you cut me off, told me to ‘shut-up’ and took control? I like that side of you… during foreplay…”
Joan pulled Rick down to the ground. She crawled across his lap facedown. Her thong-clad bottom looked up at Rick expectantly, or so it seemed.
“It won’t hurt me if you hit me there,” she said over her shoulder. “Well, it might hurt, but I want it to hurt. You see, it has to be hard. I’ve always fantasized that it…”
“Joanie, shut up,” Rick stated unequivocally. She did. His caressing hand disappeared, came down unexpectedly, right across her ass crack, hard, so deliciously hard. It was like the earth stopped spinning, everything everywhere focused on the loud smack and the intense sting. The birds stopped singing and everything was still, awaiting another swat. The sun stopped sinking part-way past the horizon, time had no meaning. At the same time, that one solid spank rocked Joan’s world. Yes! her butt cheeks exalted with the flooding warmth. He did it again; it felt exponentially more than twice as good. Rick began spanking Joan’s bottom in earnest, with abandon, exuberantly. Reality supplanted fantasy in that farmer’s field of lavender. Joan loved getting spanked even more than she loved the idea of getting spanked. Nothing was as exciting as this revelation!
When the hurt and the heat grew to be too much to silently bear, Joan twisted upright on Rick’s prone form, impaled herself on his rampant cock, made erect with all the focus on her incredible ass, and they started to fuck. They’d made love frequently for the past two weeks; now they fucked. It was unholy and raunchy and guilt-inducing and everything dirty sex should be. Joan rode him hard, slamming her slippery pussy onto him over and over and over. Rick’s fingers dug into the pulchritude of her well-upholstered posterior, one finger worming its way up her dirt road to urge her on all the more. Their bodies made lots of noises, they both screamed exultant expletives, it was sex like they’d never dream of before. It changed the course of their sex life from a lovely moonlit meandering stream into a raging river of lust and need. And it was a good thing that it all transpired in a lavender field, because its calming effects probably saved both their lives.

7 responses to “#300) Lavender Fields Forever”

  1. First, I really like Joan and Rick, so continued their story from yesterday’s “The Sundress.”
    Second, Wow! 300 posts! I could easily make five or six per day, but I don’t want to overwhelm you AND I don’t want to make this a burden for me. I have a life to lead. I’m pleased with this milestone; here’s to 300 more!

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  2. I really enjoy your spanking descriptions, especially since it’s from the spankee’s point of view. I hope when I spank I am bringing up even half the intensity in reaction from my partner that you so vividly share with your readers. Here’s to hundreds more descriptions!
    I second Christian’s comment.
    “It’s just wonderful”.

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    • Paddlefan, I think the reactions depend on how sexually-charged the person is. I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I’m a very sexual person and quite “out” about it (most of the time).

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