#302) Art

I love art. Its many mediums fascinate me. My apartment walls are covered with paintings, prints, photographs, collages, sculptures, even a mobile.

As I’ve surfed the web, looking for pictures to accompany my writing in posts, I’ve run across a lot of works of art. Ones that intrigue me in a special way get saved to a folder. I’d like to share some of these with you on a daily basis.

This first one gave me a giggle. I hope it does the same for you!

9 responses to “#302) Art”

  1. In writing, I debate mentally the distinction between erotica and pornography. I think erotica has characters you care about, plot development, some creative word play, whereas porn just aims at the libido, is meant to excite only. I hope that some of the pieces I write and post here elevate above just the baser instinct. (It hurt me when several female bloggers openly dismissed this blog because it dealt with sex and sexuality honestly.)
    The same duality exists in creating graphic arts, painting, photography, sculpting. I’d like to explore that here in a series of posts.

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    • THANK YOU for sharing that link; I LOVE it, too. There’s a blush to that marble bottom!
      You just gave me an idea, going to an art museum with a lover, seeing works of art that excite, finding a nook where we can make-out, spank, fuck…

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