#303) Nothing

I give you nothing,
Nothing but my holes,
And in so doing,
I give you my all.
My open mouth will
submissively suck you
while on my knees
acknowledging you as Master.
My parted pussy is
yours for the taking,
with all my sexual faithfulness.
And my available anus
promises the same,
but includes sinfulness to boot.
I am hollow,
a vessel to be filled,
I joyously give you my all,
which amounts to nothing
except rapid heartbeats
and breaths taken away
and orgasms
exploding inside me,
as invisible
as passing thoughts of love.

8 responses to “#303) Nothing”

    • That impulse is pure. Is it just purient? I mean, is it just the basic desire for fucking OR is it elevated by seeing that my orifices are just empty spaces waiting to be filled? That was my revelation in creating this written piece…


  1. the Master job You are sooooo hot! The submissive part of you makes you irresistible. Sadly I am a bit too old to hope to get the job. 😦

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