#304) My World Turned Upside Down

The Bible says that the meek shall inherit the earth,
when all that this meek and shy girl craves
is a thick strap cracked across her thick ass.
I think that my ass is pretty,
I love its largess,
its ability to absorb punishment.
I want someone who will worship it
by bruising and abusing it,
giving me a major pain in the ass.
They say that people just want to be understood.
For this stuttering speaker,
to have her words about all things Ass
praised has been mind-blowing.
My readership gets me,
gets that I’m not always so meek,
that I’m a super sexual spank-whore.
If you really want to warm my heart,
order me across your knee,
order my panties down,
warm my heart-shaped ass for me,
the harder the better,
the hotter the better.

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