#305) The Impulse To Create Art

Let’s go back to prehistoric times. A caveman draws on his dwelling’s rock walls. He gets good at depicting his prey (buffalo, deer, whatever) in two dimensions on his wall. He believes if he can capture their essence in art, he will be successful in capturing them for real, thereby feeding himself and his family.

That same survival instinct drives him to copulate with a young woman, one who promises to be fertile, one with wide hips so as to be able to give birth, one with full breasts so as to be able to feed that baby initially, to insure their future.

Rumor has it (because it wasn’t recorded) that his seductive techniques were not too refined; he hit her on the head with his hunting club and dragged her into his dwelling by the hair. While mounting her from behind (as he’s seen animals do it), he may need to continue to control her. She complains that a crack on the head with a stick is too painful, so he uses his hand, gives her a crack across the ass, where she’s well-padded. They associate these ass slaps with the pleasure of intercourse itself, and Viola, spankos are created. He knows that his artistic abilities cannot capture the splendor of her sexuality, but he can capture the thrill of that ass slap. Instead of charcoal, he uses clays and pigments from nature, to try to capture its fiery intensity and beauty. Look at the above photo of an actual cave drawing from this time period. Can you argue with this teacher’s logical explanation of this evolution? Fast forward thousands of yeas to our modern era, where our technology allows us to capture the fiery intensity and beauty of the aftermath of a spanking. Look at the photograph below. Can you argue with this submissive that this is true beauty at its essence, worthy of capturing in art?

I believe this lovely blond model is Rachel Young, I believe the production company is Firm Hand Spanking. Look at how her fair-complected skin colors with a spanking. Are you feeling some primitive impulses right now?

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