#308) “What Did She Just Say?”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve very much enjoyed Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. (As I’ve mentioned, I’m something of a Walter Mitty-type, and I can get carried away fantasizing what it would be like to be a Royal, to dress-up…)

As the televised coverage of this event has documented milestones in the Queen’s seventy year reign, they’ve shown film clips from her past. In 1992, with the death of Princess Diana and a fire in Windsor Castle, etc., the Queen made a speech calling it “annus horribilus.” That’s Latin for horrible year.

“What did she just say?” I did a double-take toward the TV. Did she just refer to the Royal Rectum? Oh, no, not anus, annus! My love of word play got in the way.

But that mis-hearing was enough to send me down a rabbit hole of imaginings. They’re all British, they have an inherent love of caning and buggering and what not, don’t they? They invented those things, didn’t they? My vivid imagination was filled with images of Kate and Megan submitting to their royal husbands, nude and playing nasty games…

ANYWAY, congratulations to the Queen!

If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning, you’ll remember that I fantasized about Royalty in posts #82 and #85.

5 responses to “#308) “What Did She Just Say?””

  1. I wonder if the royal men soundly spanked each other’s royal spouses on their royal bottom cheeks? And did they smile royally as they did so. Proper British discipline to be sure!

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    • I believe that the grand old lady is 96! Quite a birthday spanking! She did not attend several events of the Jubilee; could this be the reason? Prince Phillip is no longer with us to do the honors, so the Queen will have to choose some handsome Beefeater guard, wearing only his high, black, bearskin hat…

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