#310) Art Evolves As We Do

Art ought to reach out and touch you. That’s why I love the picture featured above! Her artistic creation is grabbing her. It is directing her hand.

In my exploration of artistic creation here, I’ll focus most on painting, but what I have to say I believe applies to all mediums of this endeavor. I take it to heart most in terms of the artistic expression of Writing.

In our controversial time, there are people who want to argue the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Therefore we must walk a precarious tightrope in school, teaching it as “change over time.” What I’m going to say next might be seen as blasphemy, but I believe it. Our concept of God can be seen as evolving through the collection of writings known as our Bible. God is depicted as vengeful at the start in the stories of the flood and the garden, and is seen as all-loving by the end as his son is put to death. The Bible is as much a chronicle of our human development of understanding of God as anything else. In the same way, art can be seen as an evolution of our understanding of the world. We evolve from drawing on cave walls in the effort to capture life-sustaining food (and jokingly, in the sustenance of spanking) to creating art (fertility female figures) to insure procreation. Jump ahead in time with me…

This work is by a French artist. What subject does he choose to depict from the myriad available? A nude woman, a reclining woman showing her bottom, her beautiful big bottom, her reddened bottom!

Now, mankind likes to collect things. Mankind collects animals in zoos, books in libraries, and paintings (and other graphic art, like sculptures and mobiles) in museums. It has done so throughout history. I could say volumes about this, but I’d prefer to make a different kind of statement. I’d prefer to start a movement where people go to art museums and expose themselves.

I don’t mean just to flash the paintings; they won’t notice. I don’t mean just to moon the sculptures, they won’t get any harder. I mean to start to see the nude human form as Art again. To show it off, to celebrate it, create your own instillation! Art museums are the perfect places to host this movement, they have already chronicled the revolutionary evolutions from the past. Let’s meld the artistic with the sexual revolution. I feel that great artists from our past are pointing us toward this. More on this tomorrow…

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    • The Portrait of Dorian Gray meets The Story of O. She has two red paint smudges on her skirt, which turn into a very red bottom, painted by the painting…


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