#311) Quick Hit 1

It felt glorious to be naked in the sunshine in the woods!

Julie expressed this by yelling aloud, “Sun’s out, buns out!”

Janie was more reserved in her elation. It was thrilling, but what if they were discovered? “You don’t think your mother will see us from your family’s vacation cabin deck?”

“She’s on a Zoom conference call with ear buds in, not a chance! She’ll be in her bedroom for an hour or more. Quit worrying, think about how much fun it’ll be to go skinny-dipping!”

Janie was trying to take these comforting words to heart when they heard a familiar voice.

“Damn it, girls, get back in this cabin on the double! And on your way, pull off a couple switch branches each for me to use on your deserving butts!”

11 responses to “#311) Quick Hit 1”

  1. Okay young ladies, you want to be naked outside then you can be naked outside while I tan your naughty bottoms…now over the cabin railing you go!

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  2. Although paddles are my favorite implements, switches may be my second. I like the ending of this story and picturing what will happen next turns me on ….
    Thanx for this story. I love your posts!

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    • Thanks for a wonderful compliment, paddlefan! That’s what I wanted, and to have several commenters HAVE TO post their endings to it. That’s when I know I did a decent job, know that I’ve got you…


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