#312) Just Desserts for Dessert

It is seven P.M. of the day that started with a belt whipping administered just because my lover, Mike, thought that I needed it. For the first part of this memorably severe whipping, my mind rebelled. It was undeserved, I didn’t do anything wrong! It was so harsh, the belt welts will burn across my butt and thighs for the remainder of this upcoming week! I believe in just consequences, in karma, and this seemed so arbitrary. By the time Mike had finished punishing me, I had given up on such mental constructs. The conclusion of the belt beating was not the conclusion of the punishment. Mike fucked me in my ass with very little lube right afterward. Most punishing, he’d positioned me so that we were face-to-face while he rogered my bottom. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable. I was left feeling contrite, and at the same time completely spent.
Because I’m a school teacher, newly freed for the summer months, and Mike is a wealthy consultant, the day was ours to spend as we saw fit. Mike spent it pampering me with massages, a warm bath, prepared meals, a nap in each other’s arms. The muscles of my bottom were sore and stiff, the flesh was starting to bruise heavily. He just prepared and fed me dinner. I was replete. But I’m too transparent; I should’ve learned to edit myself long ago, but never have.
“Whew, I feel a little too full,” I mutter, more to myself than to him.
“You need an enema,” Mike states unequivocally.
Oh. No! I really don’t… The time for that was before the belt beating. But it was so spontaneous. It was, after all, given for no reason whatsoever… My bottom is so sore. My butt hole is so sore… All of these thoughts pass through my mind. Mike, meanwhile, has taken me by the hand and we are headed for the little bathroom on the first floor of our home. It’s been decided. He gets the equipment out of the closet. He closes the lid to the commode, sits, and pulls me over his knee. Parting my buttocks is agonizing hell, having my anus lubricated absolutely heavenly. And before I know it, the nozzle is up there and warm water is flowing into my bowels.
Oh. My! I’d forgotten how relaxing this is… Being anal erotic, I love enemas. Mike is considerate enough to always allow me privacy when it comes time to expel. (I credit having separate master bathrooms as the reason our union is so strong.) But all the steps leading up to that private purging are fraught with sensory sublimity. Having ones bowels irrigated with warm water turns me on like all dirty, anal-related endeavors do. Getting my distended tummy massaged is urgent euphoria. I’m aroused from the first moment to the last, and it’s a lengthy process of three separate infusions. Three different times I run up the white carpeted steps to my bathroom with both hands clamped across my ass crack, trying to aid my sphincter in holding the deluge in my tummy from escaping. When it’s all over, I’m in a hygienically induced heaven, my guts washed clean, my head feeling lighter than helium, my pussy feeling wet and hungry, my anus feeling like the actual epicenter of my sexuality, as I often imagine it is. I come out of my bathroom the last time and find Mike waiting on our big bed. I close the bathroom door behind me modestly. Mike licks my vagina, then my rosebud. Mike fingers my pussy, then my backdoor. He produces two vibrators and buzzes both holes into ecstatic convulsions.
This is the other side of the D/s coin. Mike controls me and sometimes does painful things to me for my own good. But just as frequently, probably even more often, Mike treats me to pleasurable things for my own good. I sleep SO soundly that night, and awaken felling like my best self. My mind is refreshed, by digestion is reset, there are entire galaxies of vivid colors marking my backside, bruises that I’ll wear proudly.

4 responses to “#312) Just Desserts for Dessert”

    • Yes, it’s that dichotomy of humiliated and pampered, being taken care of strictly as well as lovingly at the same instant, Christian. The same feelings about a spanking, both butt-oriented.

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