#313) Perspective

I’m fascinated with the concept of perspective in Art. I think about it a lot in my writing, as well as in life. My point of view is unique. It might be similar to someone else in the D/s scene, but different because I’m a submissive and he’s a Dominant. I might have the same empathetic response to an issue because I’m human, but my perspective may differ from that of a man’s.

I LOVE this photo for a wealth of reasons (not just the beauty of the big bottomed model, sitting on that tufted leather bench, her rosebud puckering up to kiss the black leather, reminiscent of last night, when her boyfriend kissed her backside with the leather strap… but I digress). It struck me as an analogy to how I feel as a writer of this blog, with everybody focused on me and my writing, each with their own point of view.

Then this drawing gave me a paradigm shift. All the art students have a different perspective on the model, but the guy in the foreground has an entirely different take. It’s all in what you find beautiful, compelling, worthy of attention.

When I saw this photo, my mind took another turn. The artistic skill of this artist is unquestioned, but they have created an exact reproduction of nature. What is the artist’s contribution to it? This is what we have photography for, painting is supposed to give you something else, something more, what that particular artist brings to the matter. That’s why I was so struck with the portrait above this post. I love the woman’s matronly bottom, I love how she comes out of the work, into our reality. Art should exist in both realms simultaneously, in the frame and in your mind.

Finally, I was struck with this photo of an artist’s work. I love how that artistic impulse forces the artist to express themselves, no matter the medium, whether chalk on sidewalk or pen on paper or dance on floor or singing out into the atmosphere of the universe or…

Tomorrow I plan to continue this series by talking about some specific influential artists that I love (and why). I hope that these musings make you think, make you think a little differently than you did before, see the beauty of things, see the sexiness of things. (Now I want to write a piece about the black-haired model in the top photo sitting on that black leather couch… How she had to beg her boyfriend not to strap her too hard; she has this sitting for a good paycheck scheduled for the next day. How it’s now difficult to sit, and that’s getting her wet, and this black leather couch is so arousing, too. How she’d planned to pose on all fours facing away from her audience, but the marks on her big bottom preclude that. How the bearded guy kneeling at the corner of the couch is cute, and is wearing a great smelling cologne…)

One response to “#313) Perspective”

  1. Alternative viewpoints are definitely not wrong viewpoints. I like the way you see the art you posted. Especially in the light of one of my favorite subject.
    Thank you for the post. I love that top pic!

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