#314) Brace for Impact

We were flying across country in his private/rental NetJets plane. We ‘d done it together several times, he’d done it lots of times. Never any issues.
But on this occasion, the pilot came over the intercom to say that they were experiencing technical difficulties, that we and the stewardess should buckle up. Then he said the frightening words, “Brace for impact…!”
We didn’t crash. The landing gear was down but the cockpit controls didn’t show that. But as we were landing, not knowing if this was our last moment alive, we held hands and looked at one another. I found this lacking.
When we were in a limo on our way from the airport to his mansion, I pulled my underpants down.
“That scared the fuck out of me!” I nearly screamed, my eyes welling-up with tears.
“It all came out okay,” my lover consoled.
“No! If that ever happens again, I’m going to take my seatbelt off and crawl across your lap. If I’m going to die, I want to die in my happy place. I want you to spank me one last time, hard, and then fuck me forever.”
My emphatic words hung in the air.
“As you wish, my dear,” he answered. “Would you like to practice for that now?”
“Very much!” I replied through my tears and fears, as I got into position.
His hand caressed my bared butt cheeks, making every nerve ending come alive. His hand left my butt, then came down resoundingly. It really stung! He didn’t hold back, it really was a proper trial run for the last, best spanking of my life, unrelenting, seemingly never ending, teeth jarring, butt blistering. So fucking good! The spanking centered me, brought me back to the now.
When my butt was really toasty, every nerve-ending singing, I sat up, pulled his erection out, and crawled on top of it. We fucked like there was no tomorrow, as I cried, happy to be alive.
Thereafter, once every few months, when he was about to spank me, regardless of whether for play or punishment, he’d whisper the words, “Brace for impact, lover.” It served as a reminder that life is short, we need to enjoy every minute of it, live life to the fullest.

(I thought that I was so special, so privileged to be able to travel by private plane! Those feelings whipsawed when I thought I was going to die. If you got to choose, what would you want to be doing as you die?)

(If my last moments are tomorrow or when I’m eighty eight, I want to see my lover take off his wrist watch, roll up his shirt sleeve, fill my field of vision with just the floor two inches away from the tip of my nose, and spank my bared bottom from here to eternity.)

(I was a little girl when I first flew on a commercial airline. When we soared above the clouds, I thought we were in heaven. I’m glad that about twenty five years later, I didn’t revisit heaven!)

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