#316) Quick Hit 2

Look at the photo, please. It shows a woman about to take a photo. The woman’s subject is some bathing suit-clad sun-worshipers. The woman is wearing a smaller bathing suit than her subject. Is the photographer taking THIS photo you see above wearing even less? Because I’m posting this photo wearing nothing at all…

10 responses to “#316) Quick Hit 2”

    • I write for this blog and post on it in the nude. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to document this fact on film and post the evidence here. (Of course, that may be when I retire and am old.) Until that day, I am indebted to those readers who take my word on faith.

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  1. Picture accompanied by words that generate exciting mental pictures. The “bare essentials” in the words are exciting. I like it! Thank you for the post

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  2. You post such great photos of enticing beautiful feminine charms(and many times naughty) They most definitely bring out my full on Male rigid lustiness…Keep it (and me!) up

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