#317) High heels

Have you ever heard the idea that putting on high heels is like putting ones’ ass on a pedestal? I think it’s true. I have a “wide toe box” I’m told, the higher the heel, the more my wide toes are jammed into the constraining, narrow toe of the shoe. Nonetheless, I have a wide selection of high heeled shoes, some expensive, some towering. I wear them when dressing-up (not at work). Because I believe that idea to be true.

If you don’t believe it, I offer a little evidence I ran across on-line. This young lady has well-developed, muscular legs, among her many other attributes.

She’s more lithe, with long stems. Still, those high heels are working for her.

I think that this young lady is trying to prove that the idea works with just one leg on the floor. But, I’m not sure, I’m distracted.

9 responses to “#317) High heels”

  1. I think, because I am a male that loves female bottoms I find it a challenge to look at those pics and mentally review the attributes of high heels.
    Thanx for the pics!

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    • I’m a bi-curious female who finds female bottoms very erotic It’s a challenge every time I surf the Internet to keep my hand out of the cookie jar. It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it. It’s why I get paid the big bucks. You are welcome, paddlefan!

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  2. Somewhere between the words “high-heels” “female bottoms” and “hands in your cookie jar” (🔥) and the great photos I got lost in deep lust filled thoughts of giving firm bare bottom spankings (keep those heels on though young lady)

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  3. My theory is that high heels emphasize a woman’s animal nature. You’ll notice that animals don’t usually stand with their heels on the ground. Look at horses for instance. My view is that while high heels are not ideal for a woman’s healthy anatomical development — ie frequent wearing could lead to a physical condition in which she would need to keep wearing them, they certainly do look nice.

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  4. “…putting on high heels is like putting ones’ ass on a pedestal.”

    I am so stealing that line!

    Being a “leg” man, I think they accentuate the calves and legs, giving the leg definition and making them appear longer. You often see barefoot models posing in bathing suits lift their heels off the ground to get that “look.” They know what they are doing! If it adds to the tush, more the better!!


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  5. I made a comment to your post #328. I wrote that that I was in my office when Miss “L” said she loved her boobs because they were “nice and ROUND, and not too big.”

    Sometime later my cute office mate, “S,” co-worker “L,” and I were in a bar having a drink after work. We are teasing “S” about her boyfriend issues and “L” pops up about her wearing “dome” shoes and I didn’t know what she was talking about.

    Is that a brand? No, “L” says, “Do. Me. Fuck-me pumps!”

    And I just laughed. First time I had heard that term.

    And yes; I could see “L” getting dressed for an evening out with one of her BF’s and making the critical decision on what shoes she was going to wear for how she wanted the evening to end!

    She said the shoes would hint that, for the right guy, she was…available, and dammit – why didn’t I know that?

    I had fun friends.

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    • Wonderful comment, A.J.! Why is that “fuck me pumps” always have the highest stiletto heels and narrowest toes, making them excruciating? Are shoe designers sadists?


  6. (I know you are on a break, but if I don’t reply now I’ll forget.)

    Your reply to me in #317, “High Heels.”

    Why is that “fuck me pumps” always have the highest stiletto heels and narrowest toes, making them excruciating? Are shoe designers sadists?

    Maybe…? They certainty have to know the foot, and the leg, and what their long-time use does to women’s feet, legs, and backs, so…? Maybe?

    And then there is all that money they make for ignoring all that! Sadist capitalists!!! (My nephew gave his hopefully bride a pair of “fuck me pumps” for Christmas. Because SHE really wanted them. Can’t remember the brand but they are known for bright red soles. He spent a whopping $1,000 on them!)

    Then again, are women masochists?
    Or wanton tarts for wanting to put their “ass on a pedestal” as someone once said?

    Years ago I found this wonderful blog written by a woman, who was a terrific writer and a New Yorker at heart. In her early 30’s and in NYC she is at some party and meets this guy and falls for him. (Romantically; not high-heel falling.) The bad part: he was a rancher/farmer and his home was in extreme SW-Kansas! A “Green Acres” life ahead of her, she moves to Kansas. (I don’t know if you have been to western Kansas, but I have when I had no choice and…grim.)

    So she writes about living in SW Kansas, where getting a mani-pedi involved a 3-hour drive – each way. And it is just laugh-out-loud funny.

    One of her posts was about when she finally got back to the bright lights of Broadway to see one of her friends* after almost 2-years on the windy treeless plains. And loved it! Bright lights! Skyscrapers! Theater! Elevators! And pampering upon pampering!

    And high-heels. That she had not wore in two years. And she described the pain she got from wearing them. So did she take them off? Only once; when she was in a fancy hotel and had to use – an escalator! – and she worried her (Expensive!) stiletto heels might get caught in the treads, or she would fall. So she took them off! Until she got to the next level and put them right back on!

    And for this pain and suffering she blamed – men! The things women do to please our men…!

    I’m not doing her justice because her story was laugh-out-loud funny. She closed her blog after a few years so all her posts are gone. I’m hoping I saved it as a Word document and is on my other computer. If I find it I will send it to you.

    PS: I should have added in my original reply that when “L” told me about “fuck me pumps” I asked her, “So you are telling me that when I pick her up I should first check out her shoes to see how the night is going to go and where I stood with her?” She thought for a second and said, “Ummm,… Probably.” Then laughed.

    Thinking about it now, were “fuck me pumps” the forerunner and equivalent of being “sponge-worthy?” in the 1990’s? Was I stiletto heels worthy?

    * She invited her friend to visit her on the prairie and the friend came! That, too, became a hilarious story as she related her friend’s reactions life on a ranch/farm.

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