#318) The Gossip

Jewel found these first few months of her exclusive relationship with Bob fun, fascinating, foundation-building! It seemed like every day she discovered new things about her man, mostly things she liked, even loved, and a few things she thought that she could change over time. Unfortunately, she never gave any thought to the reverse being true concerning Bob’s feelings about Jewel.
It’d been a whirlwind romance. They’d met cute, introduced by mutual friends. He’d suggested that they become exclusive just a month after meeting, which was great in Jewel’s opinion. She was ready to settle down, hoping that this one might be The One. It wasn’t long after that when he suggested that she move into his large, upscale home. And in bed that night, after a truly spectacular session of love-making, they both used the L word with each other.
Living under the same roof meant that they were together more than either was used to initially. They got used to each other’s schedules, habits, proclivities. For instance, Jewel liked to wake-up early so that she could complete her facial make-up and hair-do before Bob awoke. That way, she explained, she just felt better when they would make love before starting the day. It didn’t matter that Bob thought she was gorgeous without a bit of make-up. In the same way, Bob caught her douching one Saturday afternoon.
“What are you doing?”
“Just making sure I’m fresh down there…”
You don’t smell bad!”
“I know I don’t, because I douche monthly!”
It didn’t matter that Bob liked a little natural feminine scent in his woman. She had her strong ideas; Bob just shrugged and went along with it all.
But then, just a little two months into this grand experiment, something came up that he couldn’t shrug off. Jewel was in the living room talking to her BFF on her cell phone, while Bob was doing some repair work in the garage. He came in to get a cold beer, and couldn’t help overhearing one side of the conversation.
“What? Us?…Well, I have no complaints in the sex department…Bob is by far the best lover I’ve ever experienced!” Jewel enthused. “He’s almost animalistic at times! He even said that he’d prefer I not douche as often, can you imagine?” Jewel listened to Margie on the other end for a moment, then replied, “Yes, the same with Bob! He likes it to be a cardio work-out each time we make love. Personally, I don’t want to work up a sweat every single time!” She must have heard Bob puttering about in the kitchen because Jewel changed the subject in her conversation, then wrapped-up the call rather abruptly.
“What was that about?”
“Just gabbing with my friend, Margie… just girl talk.”
“Girl talk shouldn’t include discussing your partner’s performance in bed…”
“I was just… Margie brought it up and…” she equivocated.
“Nope! No excuses, that crosses a line,” he stated quietly but emphatically.
“We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” she said, trying to wrap this up just like she had on the phone, before it was resolved.
Bob sat down next to Jewel. “No,” he said, “You’re used to getting your way, and most times that’s fine. But on some matters you need to open your mind to the possibility that someone else might be right on occasion.
Jewel looked at Bob evenly. She heard him, but it didn’t seem to register.
“You can be stubborn, Jewel. You’re uncompromising…”
She had heard this before, from her mother when she got to an age when their relationship resembled a chapter from the book, My Mother, Myself. Jewel didn’t like hearing it then, and she didn’t like it now. She reacted in the exact same way.
“I don’t have to sit here and…”
Bob interrupted her mid-sentence by taking her by her arms roughly and forcing her to look him in the eye. “You don’t have to be able to sit at all…”
“I’m going to spank you now, Jewel.”
“You are not!” This sentence was also interrupted, as he picked her up and physically turned her over his knee. “Stop it! Let me up, Bob!” She struggled with her upper body. Bob put both of her arms behind her back and held them there at the wrists with one of his big hands. Jewel started to kick her legs vigorously. He parted his legs and pinned hers between his. She was without options to resist any further. Jewel craned her head around as far as her neck and shoulders would allow. She stared at Bob, fuming. He looked back at her, casual determination on his features. “I’ve NEVER been spanked!” she spat.
“It shows. But that’s about to change.” With his free right hand, Bob pulled her skirt up and her panties down. Jewel resisted, but could not stop him. Though it took effort, her backside was eventually bared. Bob studied it, as if memorizing its coquettish cuteness, its comely curves, its cool cupcake-like composure. He found her butt perfect, so pert, slightly plump, erotic in the extreme. He loved it, would have preferred to worship it, caress it and cup it and part it, appreciate it by giving it love pats, watching it jiggle like a Jell-O mold. But Jewel’s behavior had precluded these adoring gestures.
Bob raised his right hand. He started to spank Jewel. Now the cheeks bounced and contorted and flexed. Now they turned pink. Now that deep crevice, that divide between her buttocks, that promised secret sexual charms, pressed into a clenched, thin line. He counted to himself as he administered twelve hard spanks, then stopped.
“Stop it, damn it! That really hurts!” Not what Bob was wanting to hear. He began again.
But as he did, he told her, “Remember this moment, I’ll be talking to you about it… later.” He gave her twelve more hard slaps, then froze over her hot ass. Once pink cheeks were now tomato red.
“I said to stop it! You’re hurting me, Bob!” Her voice was now broken by sobs.
“It’s your punishment; it’s supposed to…” He gave her another set of a dozen damaging swats. The tomato red tushy of minutes ago was now a deep dusky rose. Both partners were panting and sweaty from the exertion.
Tearfully, Jewel called out, “What do you want me to say?!”
Bob punctuated his words with spanks. “Gee, what should one say when one has been wrong?”
While Bob continued to paddle her bottom, Jewel answered, “An apology?”
“Bingo!” he kept up a steady rhythm on her abused bongo drum of a backside.
“I’m sorry, Bob!” was yelped out between swats.
“What for?” he demanded without ceasing the onslaught with his hand.
There was a moment of silence while Jewel wracked her pain-wracked brain. Bob started walloping her butt some more.
“For gossiping!” she cried out.
“Good… and…?” and he continued the long, hard punishment. There was just the sound of hand hitting hind-end as her mental gears churned. “How about being stubborn? So stubborn it took you over fifty spanks across a virginal ass to get to the place where it occurs to you?”
Dissolved in tears, Jewel called back at her lover, “I’m sorry, Bobby! I’m headstrong and badly behaved and I deserved to be spanked like a little girl…”
On cue, her lover suddenly stopped the beating and began rubbing her magenta-hued bottom. His tone was different now as he consoled, “That’s what I needed to hear… that’s what I need for you to realize…”
“If it’s all over, please let me up!”
Bob thought this came a little too glibly to Jewel’s lips. He held her in place.
“You’ve been punished until you’ve taken ownership, but maybe not enough for the errors themselves…”
“What?” Jewel howled at the floor in front of her.
“I think that you are sorry for getting spanked, for being so pig-headed that it took fifty spanks just to realize that… but maybe not sorry for being such a gossip… at least not yet…”
He picked up Jewel’s cell where she’d dropped it and handed it down to her, releasing her pinned arms so she could take it.
“Call Margie back,” Bob instructed. “Tell her that you’ve just been punished until you saw the error of your ways, but now need to be punished for those errors. Tell Margie that I think she should hear your punishment. Then we’ll finish up…”
She didn’t like it, but Jewel did as she was told.
“Hello, Margie?” Jewel asked when the call was answered.
“Put it on speaker-phone,” Bob demanded, and Jewel complied.
“Yes,” Margie answered.
“Margie, is Joe there, too?” Bob asked.
“Please ask him to come listen to this,” Bob said, and the couple could hear Margie doing this.
“Go ahead, Jewel…” Bob then said.
“Just listen, don’t hang-up, he’ll probably be harder on me if you do… I’ve just been spanked, hard, on my butt! …Because Bob thinks that… Because I was wrong to gossip and to be stubborn about it… He wants you to listen to the rest of this call… when he plans to punish me for those offenses… Just please do that…” she put the phone on the floor and placed both hands on the floor to brace herself.
“OW! One!”
“Ow-ow-ow, two!
Bob gave Jewel’s already worn-out bottom twelve more spanks. Jewel was brave and counted each of them, although the articulation was not at all clear by the end. Then he picked up the cell.
“Joe, are you there?”
“Yeah, man… I’ve never heard anything like that!”
“I’ve reached the end of my rope,” Bob said with an idiom to his best buddy. “You can’t change a leopard’s spots,” he continued by using another, “but I want to curtail Jewel’s bad behaviors. I won’t tell you what to do in your relationship, but Jewel won’t be phoning Margie anymore unless it’s a gossip-less conversation…”
Joe said, “Humm, you’ve given me something to think about…” while Margie called out, “Who the fuck do you think you are, Bob? You’re not my daddy! You’re not Jewel’s daddy!”
An argument ensued on the other end, so Bob hung-up. He turned Jewel over and sat her on his lap, kissing her many facial tears on one set of cheeks, and caressing the lower set.
“They used to have a whipping post in the center of Colonial towns. Public punishment can be very motivational. I thought that means might be called for, given how entrenched this behavior is between you and Margie…”
Through hiccups and a hoarse voice, Jewel whispered, “I’m sorry! Sorry for being stubborn, sorry for gossiping, sorry for defying you! Please tell me I’m forgiven…”
“Let me show you as well as tell you…” He pushed her back onto the living room couch, kissing her mouth, fingering her pussy. After just a moment, he entered her and started to make slow-motion, passionate, meaningful love with his lover.
Jewel looked up at her lover as they started to rock in rhythmic union. “You said, after that first set of spanks, that you wanted to tell me something…”
He thought for a moment. “If you had apologized for things right then, your spanking would have ended then and there.”
She reflected on this, then confided, “…I need what you gave me… I deserved everything I got… Give it to me again, when I get pig-headed…”
They stopped talking and started copulating in earnest. It was a long, intense session. When they were both spent and lying in one anothers’ arms, Jewels phone rang. She let it go to voicemail, then heard a familiar voice.
“Thanks a lot, Jewel and Bob! Joe just spanked me! When he didn’t think that was doing the trick, he used his belt on my butt! …No, Joe, I’ve learned my lesson! Please, Joe! …Okay, okay! I’m calling to apologize… I’m… sorry! Good-bye…”
Jewel looked at Bob like a new person, “Margie hasn’t had enough punishment yet… I hope Joe sees that… I hope that didn’t sound gossipy… It’s just fact.”
Bob kissed her, caringly inquired, “Would you like me to get that bottle of skin lotion and massage some into your bottom?”
“That’d be lovely,” she answered, rolling over on her tummy. She winced when he first started, but sighed soon thereafter. “…I want to tell you something…” Jewel tentatively began. “Margie is wrong. I want you to be my daddy… I need that from you, as much as I need a lover and a friend… Even when I was being willful, I knew I was in the wrong. I just hoped to find someone to set boundaries for me, enforce those limits… I hope I never embarrass you by my behavior in public, but if I do, I’m counting on you to correct me… at that public whipping post for all to see. If I… no, I know myself better than that, WHEN I misbehave here in private, I need you to be my daddy. Lovingly but firmly set me straight… Will you do that?”
Bob let his passionate kiss be his answer. It aroused both of them, but they wisely realized that it’d been a long day, and neither had the energy for yet another sexual romp.
“You know what I’d really love to do?” Jewel asked brightly. As her man shook his head, she continued with animation, “Drop by Margie and Joe’s house! I’d like to compare buttocks with her. Maybe if Joe sees a truly well-whipped butt, and a truly contrite girlfriend, he’ll get the idea… and give her what she needs…”
As if Jewel was a prescient fortune teller, the next half an hour evolved just as she had predicted. They came over, they saw that butt bruises didn’t match, and Joe conquered his sharp-tongued Margie with a real belt butt-beating this time. (Apologies to my old high school Latin teacher for that last sentence. I’m curious if anyone will get it…?)
Back in her car, ready to drive home again, Jewel seemed enthusiastic.
“Did you find that as invigorating as I did?” she nearly screamed.
Bob didn’t want to admit to the fact that he thought Margie had a really cute butt. He’d always secretly found her attractive, but seeing her impertinence strapped out of her, as well as her blond vagina peeking out between her thighs had gotten him hard.
“It always does my heart good to see a deserving derriere get punished,” he allowed.
“Come on! I noticed that you were hard after spanking me,” she accused, “and you’re hard right now,” she said, stroking his package.
“When we get home, do you want to do something about it?’ he smiled.
“Fuck waiting until we get home!” Jewel exclaimed, had her panties pulled to the side and his cock out in record time.
They never asked if Margie or Joe noticed that Jewel’s SUV stayed in their driveway a long time, and that the suspension seemed to be rocking.

6 responses to “#318) The Gossip”

  1. I have always liked reading about a man taking his wife in hand and spanking her hard and long until she realizes the error of her ways. I love to hear the change in her tone of voice– from angry defiance to contrite submission. Maybe you can’t beat her into submission but if there is already some submission down inside a sound spanking can bring it out. I LOVE to spank!
    Thanx for the post!!!(I took Latin in high school many years ago but I missed the latin link.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Latin interplay involves a phrase attributed to Julius Caesar, who said, “Veni, vidi, vici.” This translates into “I came, I saw, I conquered,” and I fashioned a sentence to resemble this, just for fun.


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