#322) Graphic Arts Graphically

I could talk about art and artists for hours, but will resist that temptation. I’ll wrap-up graphic arts today.

Another artist who has been a long time favorite is Klimt. The above pictured nude is by him. I remember when I first saw this work, I felt like a voyeur, watching her sleep. I felt that he’d seen me…

I often sleep in the fetal position. This is the classic “threatened” position, hand protecting her throat. Of course, that means her backside is vulnerable.

I often sleep this way because I can’t lay on my back, that vulnerable backside taken advantage of in the best way known.

Here’s a last Klimt, “The Kiss,” superimposed on a black and white photo.

Another favorite artist is Botticelli, here’s his “Birth of Venus.” I won’t say if he’s a favorite because he paints voluptuous women realistically.

This is not Botticelli, but is in the same style. This painting reminds me of how I feel in the throes of orgasm, carried away in waves.

Here’s a life lesson provided by the master, Matisse. When he grew too old to paint perfectly due to trembling hands, he transitioned to paper cut-outs. Brilliant!

I’ve mentioned that this is a recurring pose in art. This work is called “Odalisque.” I wasn’t sure if the torso was elongated…

…until I compared it with reality.

I realized that Realism appeals to me in Art, whether with Seurat’s Pointillism or Magritte’s many works (that also caught the eyes of the Beatles). This work is entitled “Truth Emerging from Her Well.” SO MANY things to love about this painting!

Finally, when it comes to Realism, you can’t get more graphic than this work done a century ago by Courbet. It is called “The Origin of the World.”

2 responses to “#322) Graphic Arts Graphically”

  1. I especially like “Truth Emerging” I’ve never seen this painting before. And I love it.
    Climbing up from the well of the unconscious with lash in hand and something primal being yelled from her belly.
    “ WAKE UP!!” perhaps.
    Great art in the morning. Omelettes and Odalisques.

    Liked by 2 people

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