#323) My Heart In the Arts

(or some such organ or place in my body)

The graphic arts are easiest to critique, they’re tangible.

Look at the detail in this ancient painting!

Look at the detail in this classic sculpture!

LOOK at all the details in this modern work of an ancient practice, her marble-like buttocks no longer inanimate in cold stone!

Second to that medium, Writing seems most accessible. It’s right there on the page. In Poetry, I’ve already quoted here both Robert Frost and e.e. cummings. I haven’t yet found a place for another favorite, Charles Bukowski. In Prose, I’m a huge fan of Hemingway’s, less so of J.K. Rowling’s with her recent commentaries (but I think her work will stand the test of time and become a classic).

In Acting, Brando set the bar high, passed it on to others such as Daniel Day Lewis, and Robert Duvall, but in my opinion, Meryl Streep has no equal today.

In the Theatre, I used to think that Arthur Miller’s talent would never be equaled, until Lin-Manuel Miranda came along.

In Dance, I once got to see Mikhail Baryshnikov dance. I don’t ever think I’ll see ANYTHING as impressive!

Which brings us to Music. There are the old guard of Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven, old school such as Aaron Copland, the Rolling Stones, Waylon Jennings to Chris Stapleton, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, all of whom (among MANY others) I LOVE.

But topping them all in my heart is this band. “All you need is love,” “and in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take.”

Who are your favs, why? Talk to me in the comments below, please.

7 responses to “#323) My Heart In the Arts”

  1. Musically to many artists to list, though I have always been a fan of late 60’s music The Beatles being at the top of the list along with The Moody Blues. The Band Rush is another huge favorite of mine. More recently I’ve become a big listener of Contemporary Classical; The Bond Quartet and Edvin Marton. While she is more pop styled Lindsay Stirling is another musician I like listening to.

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    • The joy for me in posting this whole series has been new discoveries. I’ll look into the Bond Quartet, Edvin Marton and Lindsay Stirling. I love the Moody Blues, especially their “Knights in White Satin.” Thank you!

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  2. Jean Marie, I’m definitely not as cultured as you, but enjoy and learn from your art posts. My appreciation of arts is primarily through books and music. In music I love many of the classical composors you mention, a lot of well and lessor known music from my formative years and I’m trying to keep exposed to current music – harder as the kids are in the leaving home stage.
    I do like Desiderata as a guide for life.
    Love your post thank you.

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    • The Desiderata blew me away at fifteen years of age and has been a guiding star ever since. “The universe IS unfolding as it should. Strive to be happy…” I realize that I haven’t read Orwell’s “1984” and must. Thanks for adding to the discussion, merksmith!


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