#325) Cartoons 1

I’m finished with the series discussing major art works. Society doesn’t consider cartoons major art, but lots of us kids (at heart) would argue. While I was surfing the web, I ran across some Disney knock-offs that I wanted to share.

Disney cartoonists should be considered accomplished artists. Unfortunately, even Walt himself didn’t always treat them that way (in terms of salary).

This cell with the leads from “Beauty and the Beast” reminds me of the entire D/s dynamic. The flirtatious relationship in gender roles, her playing coquettish and coy, him being barely-contained domesticated, and then there’s that oversized riding crop; SO tasty!

I LOVE this altered cell from “The Little Mermaid”! Newly human, she now has holes to explore, is fully female, much to both of their contentment.

Finally (for today), here’s a peek at “Pocahontas.” Like the others, it’s all expressed in these two lead character’s eyes. And what about that round bottom?

What bothers me (as a teacher) is how Disney felt the need to fictionalize a story that was so thrilling and captivating as it actually happened. “Little mischief maker” (that’s what her name translates to) and John Smith were so complex in themselves, had such a fascinating relationship! The story wouldn’t be believed if it didn’t actually happen, but only the first two minutes of Disney’s treatment of it (the prologue) is factual. I’ll get off my soapbox now, and get back to imagining what this belt-play would be like…

There are more knock-offs to share tomorrow. I hope these gave you a giggle and a spark of joy!

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