#326) Equestrienne Explorations

It’s Belmont Stakes day, the third jewel of the Triple Crown, although that’s not in the offing this year. I follow thoroughbred horse racing and breeding as a hobby; used to be much more involved by riding three times a week, both Western and English.
It was having a big, powerful creature between my thighs that first attracted me to riding. I imagine that it was similar for many other girls. This attraction can bond girls, which can then morph into other, kinky endeavors. Some equestriennes act them out, I just fantasized about them for too long.

One direction this can take is riding one another, using your riding crop on your girlfriend’s flanks.

I found the riding apparel pretty sexy in itself, but some opt to go “au natural” either inside

or out in nature. From the cantle (saddle’s back edge), I believe that this is a Western saddle, which has a pommel horn. The imagination boggles at the masturbatory possibilities.

Taking this equestrian kink in a different direction is to approximate, even become, the pony itself. This can be accomplished in several ways.
Common to all of them is having a bit in the “pony’s” mouth.

One way is for the “pony” to be ridden while standing upright with stirrups.

Another way is for the “pony” to be on all fours.

Another nice addition to this equipment is blinkers/blinders, so that the “pony’s” vision is focused and concentration maximized.

Some devotees like to wear horses’ hooves (more for the sound effects), but a flaxen-haired tail mounted to a butt plug should be mandatory.

A totally different direction this can take is for the ponygirl to pull a sulky. The beauty of this is that a long dressage whip can be employed on her backside.

I had a dear girlfriend years ago who confided in me that she had a fetish for this play. She then moved away to Washington state, and we lost touch, but I hope that she was able to realize her cherished dreams to become a ponygirl, to be ridden, to pull a cart, to be whipped.

Does this fetish appeal to you?

6 responses to “#326) Equestrienne Explorations”

  1. Not my genre but it reminds me of a spanking video a few years ago that I loved.

    Indoor scene.
    A saddle on a wooden saddle “horse.”
    On the saddle is a beautiful woman, completely nude.
    Behind her is a man with a leather strap, spanking her.
    Not hard, but ‘just enough.’
    While he is attending to her backside, she is attending to what is between her legs.
    With each stroke of the leather she is grinding her coochie into that saddle.
    Until – huge orgasm!!!!
    As soon as she climaxed the strapping stopped.
    And out of breath, the shameless little tart managed a smile!

    Loved that video.


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    • I remember watching a video like you describe with a boyfriend several years ago. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, the model was Dani, a nice-bottomed spanko and it got me hot and my guy very hard. She could really take a strapping! In this context, it might’ve been even hotter wearing a riding helmet and feeling a riding crop…

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