#327) Cartoons 2

I’d like to continue (and finish-up) cartoon knock-offs now, ones that appeal to me.

Above is one of Wonderwoman. Are her costume bottoms too high cut, and therefore, riding up uncomfortably? Or is she just giving us a peek at her Wonder-full-butt cheeks?

As you might imagine, this rewritten fairy tale caught my attention. Wouldn’t it be fun if lesbianism was explored in a Disney feature film, something X rated?

Or maybe we could have Prince Charming getting a schooling in sexual matters from Sinderella… Did he have a foot fetish with that glass slipper? Does he have other fetishes?

Finally, I LOVE this! Snow White is trying to shield us from the truth about her cartoon friends. I ALWAYS suspected this! An expose needs to be written!

3 responses to “#327) Cartoons 2”

  1. Olive Oyl has always needed a good bare bottom spanking from a freshly spinached up Popeye
    The wicked queen of Snow White should be getting a good spanking on her uncovered bottom by Prince Charming or whatever hi name is and then let the mirror tell Who’s the sorest of them all.

    We just can’t rule out good ol Bugs (my favorite) paddling his girlfriend bare tailed of course.

    You’re right .The Wonder woman pic is hot.
    Thanks for yet another great post!!

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