#330) Another Round on Roundness

One of the reasons that I love blogging is the free exchange of ideas. In post #328, I was musing on how I find that much of sexual attraction to be based on female roundness. I embellished my thoughts with photographic evidence from the Internet in the form of photos I’ve found while surfing. (This is a constant revelation to me because when I modeled in L.A. many years ago, I was harshly criticized for my round bottom. I was frequently admonished to lose weight. But thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian [and other figures that I discussed here back in posts #56 – 62] today this is not the case, maybe the opposite is now true.)

So I cast what elucidation I could about luminous eyes,

and talked about titillating titties,

and then spent a lot of time waxing poetic about voluptuous bottoms. (I considered taking a tangent to reflect on women’s pregnant bellies, but because I didn’t have any first-hand insights, I edited these out.) The discussion primarily centered on the female derriere.

But then I got a cogent comment from a regular reader, paddlefan, who pointed out my major oversight. I’d overlooked the center of that matter.

The anus, the rosebud, the butt hole! Thank you for this correction, paddlefan! I hope that I can be forgiven this slight because mine doesn’t look like this superb example to the left. When I look at mine with the aid of a hand mirror (and I have repeatedly, and recommend doing so, ladies; your girlie parts look nothing like they feel), mine resembles nothing as much as a starfish. (The great writer, Kurt Vonnegut, wrote about this in one of his later pieces. About his resembling that, not mine! I never even met the man.)

But I’d like to stress that I really appreciate all my faithful readers, and hope that they, too, will chime-in with their perspectives, ideas, opposing views!

Now, where did that phrase “round young virgin” in the Christmas carol come from anyway?

2 responses to “#330) Another Round on Roundness”

  1. Tangentally, I do have a little experience with pregnancy tummy’s roundness… like the other female attributes considered, they are wonderful, very lovely!
    On the core of the matter, that lady’s anus is also lovely… apparently well used.

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