#332) Pucker Up

Since puberty, when it all awakened within me,
I’ve always considered my three main orifices as mouths.
And I love to be kissed, french kissed.

First, I never understood the invective said in anger, “Kiss my ass!” To my way of thinking, that’s an act of love.

Second, if you love me, show it anywhere, anytime…

3 responses to “#332) Pucker Up”

  1. I like to kiss a bottom before and after warming it well with my hand or any implement. My lips notice the temperature change from the process. It also adds some tenderness to a not so tender procedure. Thanx for the post!

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  2. THAT is one erotic photo!

    And posed in the perfect (to me) position for doggy, with her head touching the mattress, the vagina more easily accessible. Deeply accessible.

    A lot of women also like the position but, darn it, will lift their head up and steady themselves with their hands on the bed, arms fully extended. Sometimes I will gently push her back down, but quickly revert. The only solution is to hold her hands behind her, meaning I can’t spank her during, or hold and guide/control her hips.

    Got a thought?

    (I comfort my ‘disappointment” by telling myself, “Shut up! A pretty woman just offered it up to you. Be happy!”)

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