#333) On the Rail

“Take your bathing suit off.”
“Both my top and bottoms?”
“Yes, and don’t question me, just obey.”
“Yes, sir, as you wish.”
“Now hang it on that wooden rail.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Bend over the rail, deeply.”
“Yes, sir, as you wish.”
“That’s a good girl. Your three holes are all open to me, all at the same level, my cock’s level. Where do you want it first?”
“Wherever you wish, sir.”
“Good girl! I love it when you defer your desires to mine! I think your bottom needs fucking…”
“As you wish, sir,” as she reaches back to part her buttocks, open herself to him. At least he has some lubricant, and is applying it to her brown spot. Of all her orifices, she would’ve preferred either of the others first, to warm her up for this challenging endeavor. But his anointing of her rectum feels sublime, and the sunshine on her entire skin’s surface feels glorious. As he presses his large member to her tiny aperture, she doubts, as she always does, if it will fit. But persistence pays off, and soon he had breached her sphincter’s ring. “Oooh,” she whimpers.
“There is no one near. You can cry out as much as you like, as loud as you like…”
As he pushes his length into her in this tightest of places, she has all the feels, how big it is comparatively, how dirty this act feels comparatively, how intense. “Oh, fuck!” she cries out.
“That’s a girl. Take it. Take it up your ass!” he encourages, and gives her rump a sharp spank.
She’d been concentrating on staying relaxed. The unexpected spank makes all her muscles flex, especially those internal ones. Now it burns, friction supplanting the fun of it. “Fuck…Fuck…Fuck…Fuck!’ she yells in synch with his thrusts.
The ocean roars back at her, absorbing her outcries, as she tries to absorb the sensations, all of them, good and bad.
“Fuuuuck!” she screams louder and longer. “Rail me! Fuck my butt!” she hollers, holding the wooden beam tight, gripping his cock just as tight, looking far out to sea, letting the view take her away.

7 responses to “#333) On the Rail”

  1. I love her submission!She willingly defers to his will even though it is not her preference. No hesitation,no complaints, no requests, just obedience. It was painful but she surrendered to it and it turned out to be quite pleasurable to both her Master and herself.
    Many men can (and do) only dream about that kind of woman. Beautiful, obedient and respectful ( note the use of ” sir”)
    I love that woman!
    Thanx for an uplifting post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paddlefan, in my present (randy) mood, I’m probably more atuned to sexual matters than at other, hectic and beleagered moments. But twice in one day you’ve stunned me with your eloquence. “Uplifting” post! I’m howling!

      Liked by 1 person

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