#334) Documenting Messiness

Let me first say that I’ve been trying to write a piece for Flag Day (today), but that it’s not going well. Maybe I’ll redo it for the 4th of July… I like to post two things daily, and a thought crossed my mind for the topic of the second one.

I browse the Internet a lot, just for fun as well as for photos to accompany my work here. It amazes me the number of women who will take a photo, either a selfie or a posed, more elaborately set-up shot, with ALL KINDS of mess in the background of the photo! The photo above is just one example. (Honestly, most of these shots gross me out, so I don’t save them to my file!)

I submit that we ought to establish the photo police. A girl like the one above should be summarily spanked for documenting her messiness! Bend her over and blister her bottom for the way she keeps her stuff.

In contrast, look at the photo below. It looks staged; I don’t think that this is her actual bedroom. But the girl should be given credit for keeping it neat; look at her clothing neatly stacked on the foot of the bed. This girl deserves a good girl spanking, with the love-pats broken up with lots of kissing and fingering and such…

Look at the look on her face; she knows what’s in-store.

7 responses to “#334) Documenting Messiness”

    • Butt fucking has such a bad reputation, and I delight in it so much that I hesitate to discuss it as punishment, Christian. Now, punishing her with so many intense orgasms that she fears the loss of her sanity is another matter entirely…

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  1. The bottom of the girl at the top looks mighty spankable and, as you pointed out, blistering her bottom would be good in terms of the lack of housekeeping skills. I think I would feel good
    about a very long hard spanking and some very limited fingering as a warm-up. Get her excited and then spank her and then walk away after a bit of aftercare. Save the orgasmic stuff for girl #2.
    Yet another thought (as well as other things) provoking post!

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    • I’m blushing, paddlefan, hotly in both sets of cheeks (to be honest).
      There is a brand of very nice lingerie named Agent Provocateur. Maybe I should take that as a nickname. I LIKE being a provocateur!

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  2. Being a guy with three sisters, it was DAMN rare for me to see their or my mother’s bedrooms messy. The girls I knoew in college? the same.

    Today, and seeing my teenage niece’s CONSTANTLY looking post-tornado, I am amazed! I took a pic of her bedroom one day and showed it to her girlfriend’s as an example of a pig-sty.

    Ya’ know what they ALL said? “That’s not bad – you should see mine!!” And laughed!

    I give up.


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