#335) Two Ways to Play This

“Okay.. we can play this your way, and I can pretend that I’m all scared, having been caught being bad, and you can act all macho and shit… and I can bend over the desk, like this… so far that I know that you can see… everything… But I’d much prefer to cut the crap. I want this as much as you do, maybe more… You should see the look on your face right now. I have the right to want to be spanked just as much as you, or anybody else, might want to spank me! …So, shall we do this my way? Great!
Okay… now, have you ever spanked a girl erotically? I don’t mean just whaling away to hurt her, to prove that you’re Dominant. I mean spank me to get me hot… because if you do it right, it will… That’s it, let the spanks build… that’s really good! That’s a big butt in front of you, big boy, it can take a lot of spanking, really cover that ass! Now, as you spank, reach in there and finger me… See? See how wet it gets me, if you do it right… And you’re doing it really right! …I see that it did the trick for you, too! …Want to put that hard thing in my wet place? …Oh good!
Umm, that is good! Umm, fuck me! …Do you mind if I give you a pointer on this, too? …I know I can be a pain about it, but I know some stuff that makes it better. So, take a firm pinch of ass cheek in each hand… that’s it! Now, part me wide… spreading my cheeks pulls my pussy further apart, too… It pulls my clit into closer contact with your cock… That’s it, fuck me! Just like that! That’s so fucking good! Yes, yes, yes, YES! Umm, that’s… really…good! Ummmmm…
(Sigh)…Now, do you want to know the reward for being such a good listener? It’s not every guy who can take direction… But you did great! …And because you’re still hard, and I’m satisfied but still hungry for more… Why don’t we talk about putting that big hard thing where I’m tightest? …Yeah, that place you’ve been staring at for the last ten minutes… I hope I’m not offending you! …I really like it…there…too…! Umm, I’m so glad you are open minded! That’s it, pull those cheeks apart again… There’s some lube in a tube in the bedside table right behind you, that’s it!
Er, um, do you mind my asking if you’ve ever done it… this way?”

6 responses to “#335) Two Ways to Play This”

  1. Sometimes it’s good to read instructional manuals! Although I live for the S&M style of spanking techniques I understand the benefits of erotic spanking too.
    Sooooo I have read the post and I have mastered the pinch, stretch, lube and insertion procedures. I like reviewing them in my mind ( over and over).
    This was a well written manual and I love it. Can I get continuing education credit for leaning this?
    Thanx for the post!

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