#336) Kitchen Clean-up

Building on what I posted yesterday about how some women take selfies verifying that they keep very messy bedrooms, today I’d like to broaden that to the kitchen.

Now, I’ll cut a person some slack if they’re in the midst of cooking; I’m taking about the general state in which people keep the place they cook (and often eat) their meals. Notice that I’m not genderizing this in the task performance; both genders can and should cook. But I’ll only be posting photos of naked women in the kitchen here. There is an adage, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Let me pose another comparison to ponder. Does the way a woman keeps her kitchen (household) say anything about how she maintains her physique?

Look at the above photo, please. Nice, tidy kitchen and attractive model. I’m not crazy about her two-toned hair. But I am in love with her sacral dimples; such a cute butt!

Here again, this blonde could tend to her dark roots, but her round bottom is perfection! (We don’t get to ascertain if the carpet matches the drapes, unfortunately.)

This kitchen looks lived-in, but not demolished or dirty. This model doesn’t have perfectly coifed hair, but she looks presentable. And that ass is magnificent!

I think I saved the best for last. The kitchen is pristine, the haircut SO becoming, the butt like an onion; its beauty makes my eyes water as she peels off her outer layer.

I ran across this photo, and even though it doesn’t feature a kitchen, I HAD to post it. It’s the same model (pull your eyes away from her tush to verify the same mole on her left shoulder). It looks like this lovely lass has been taken outside to where the cord wood is stacked. Is this their “woodshed” and is she about to get a spanking? One can only hope, and hope that more photos were taken to document that!

One response to “#336) Kitchen Clean-up”

  1. With bottoms like these I don’t remember the state of the kitchens much at all. As long as I can find a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to use in adding color to those wonderful behinds I am happy! Shoot!! I will clean the kitchen myself as long as those cheeks ( no not facial) are in plain sight and within arm’s reach. I may drop things on the floor of course (probably not accidentally) just to delight in the view as they bend way down to pick it up. Mmmmmmm!
    Thanx for the pics. I would comment more on the article content butt I don’t seem to remember it very well….:)
    Love the post! Thanx!!!

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