#338) An Aphrodisiac?

I’ve previously written about how selfies (even with a very attractive and very revealing model featured) with a messy background in the bedroom is a turn-off. For me, there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Some of these photos look as though you could use a snow shovel to clear the clothes dropped on the floor… or a bulldozer!

Then I wrote a similar post about the kitchen. I used to babysit for a mother who kept a very messy kitchen; the grease on the stovetop was gross!

Today, I’d like to finish this series up with a mention of bathrooms. This can be a deal breaker for me if a date’s bathroom is dirty. Conversely, it can be a huge turn-on when a guy’s bathroom is sparkling clean. I’ll go as far as to state that it can be an aphrodisiac! Once again, I’ve used non-examples in the photos I’ve chosen to illustrate these posts, showing well-kept homes. Look at the sweet girl in the above photo, please. It looks to me as though she is caressing her cool, unblemished cheeks just before her man turns her over the sink counter to warm and redden that tight drum of an ass. Isn’t it nice that she has a clean sink counter to lean across? I imagine this young lady running water in the sink, sprinkling some on her bottom, leaning over deeply, looking back at you to smile, “It stings more on a wet butt. Go ahead, sir, please teach me my lesson…”

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