#340) Returning Emotions

I just got back from my vacation trip. I feel a whole plethora of emotions at this moment. I am rested and revived. Part of me missed being in daily touch with you. I have some experiences that I’m eager to fictionalize and publish here. At the same time, I feel reticent and cautious. Out of my enthusiasm for the subject matter, I’ve often devoted all my free time to this blog to the exclusion of other things. I’ve shared myself very openly, to the point of feeling vulnerable.

So I’ve resolved to do things a bit differently from now on. I am going to try to limit myself to publishing just one post daily. I am going to try to devote some time for myself daily to work-out, to mediate. I’m even considering a career change; that’s how pervasive my desire for a new and better lifestyle is!

So here’s my immediate plan, gang. I’m going to answer the many emails I’ve received. I’m going to unpack my bags and organize and clean my apartment. I’m going to fast to get over an upset tummy (a frequent result from travel) and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to give myself an enema. Tomorrow, I plan to stay in bed after I awaken (I usually bound out of bed right away) and I’m going to give myself a very thorough spanking, followed by a long masturbation session. That’ll lay the foundation for my publishing my first story in a week. You see, I started writing this post feeling shy and modest and adult demure and lady-like, and talking to you has drawn me out, making me feel sexy and kinky nasty and open about everything! It’s nice to be back! Talk to you tomorrow…

4 responses to “#340) Returning Emotions”

  1. I missed you!
    I hope your vacation was fantastic. I hope you had fun and got some rest.
    May tomorrow’s spanking be just painful enough to facilitate a memorable orgasm. (Or twice as painful if that’s what you prefer πŸ˜ƒor leads to a Hall of Fame orgasm.
    (Just typing this seems to increase my body temp. )
    Welcome back!

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