#341) Not a One Night Stand (Part I)

I love the precision of words. So I don’t know what to call what just happened. It wasn’t a one night stand. That term implies a whole night invested in love-making. It’s still light outside, broad daylight as drive back from my date. This was an afternoon impromptu fuck. And it was so fucking perfect! Let me tell you all the juicy details…
I’m on vacation, in a big city far from my own little town, half way across the country from where I live. I’m visiting friends, several of them I haven’t seen since college. One of them, Julie, my best friend from our sorority, invited me out to a bar. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since Covid first hit about two years ago, so have no tolerance. But my vacation mindset is in effect, I want to enjoy some day-drinking, I want to get wild.
I won’t say exactly where I’m vacationing, but will relate that I got into the culture and wore a pair of cowboy boots with my short skirt, and a straw cowboy hat to top off the outfit. I felt cute. We’re at a real honest-to-goodness cowboy bar, drinking Lone Star beers when a clean-cut young man approaches us.
“May I buy you lovely ladies the next round?” he inquires.
“Why, that’d be awfully nice of you,” Julie answers.
“Only if you’ll sit and join us,” I counter. Julie gives me a wide-eyed look because this is so counter to how I usually am.
We talk. Jimmy Ray just graduated from college, is only twenty-two years old. Normally this would be a deal-breaker; he’s far too young for me. But these aren’t normal times; it’s vacation. We continue to share small talk. I like everything I hear from him, about his vocation plans, core values, political views, etc. About half an hour later, apropos of nothing, I ask, “Are you vaccinated against Covid, Jimmy Ray?”
“Yes, ma’am, got my vaccination record card right here to prove it.”
He hands me his white card proving he’s been stuck twice, as well as documenting his youthful age. It impresses me that he carries the card right with him. I feel he ought to be rewarded.
“Do you want to go back to your place and fuck?” I ask without pretense.
Julie is dumbfounded. Jimmy Ray is stunned, but manages to answer in the affirmative. Blushing, Julie states that she’ll see me back at her place and leaves.
“I’m a little kinky, you can accommodate that?” I press.
“That depends on how kinky ‘a little kinky’ is…” he answers sagely.
“Let’s just say that my whole bottom is one big erogenous zone…”
“I’m an ass-man. That’s what drew me to your table in the first place,” he enthuses.
“You have condoms?”
He nods.
“And you’ll wear one while we do it?”
Jim nods again.
“I reserve the right to leave right away if things get at all ‘hinky’, okay?”
“Kinky, not hinky,” he smiles.
“I’ll follow you in my car…” and we’re out of the bar. Fifteen minutes later we’re naked in his apartment. Jimmy Ray is well hung and a good kisser. He’s massaging my bottom roughly, not sure of what else to do with a girl like me who said what I said about my butt. I’m rubbing the length of my body against his, french kissing his ear, and I whisper my magic mantra, “Spank me…” Relieved to know something to do, he puts me across his knee and spanks me unabashedly. “That’s it…” I encourage, “just like that! After a minute of it, I cheerlead, “You can do it even harder…” and he does. He’s not a dominant, is only doing as I ask, never takes the lead, but it’s so very satisfying to be with a man doing the nasty after so long a hiatus. “Finger my pussy…” I plead as he continues to spank. “…see what you’re doing to me…?” I let my eyes fall from his to his jeans on the foot of the bed. He has a thick leather belt with a buckle the size of an oblong salad plate. I long to feel that belt across my butt. Jimmy Ray doesn’t receive my unvoiced signals, as an experienced Top might, so I make it blatantly clear. “It’ll get me even hotter if you beat my bottom all the harder. Use your belt on me, Jimmy Ray…”
He bends me over the edge of his bed and removes his belt from his jeans. “Down here, we call this an old fashioned butt whoopin’. It’s reserved for really serious punishment…”
“I’ve been a really bad girl. Be my daddy, give me a hard whoopin’, own my ass…”
I was afraid that he’d have to be encouraged to give it to me with the severity I craved, but Jimmy Ray shows some initiative and whips my butt soundly. He works me over with the thick belt, working my fanny flesh in the way I crave, working me into a lather. Only when my round bottom is completely covered with angry, bright red welts does he pause so that we can both catch our breath.
I arch my ass out at him brazenly, knowing that he can see my swollen, slick pussy lips through my thighs.
“Now that you’ve broken this filly, cowboy, why don’t you ride me hard…?”
Jimmy Ray is digging through his dresser drawer in a flash, comes up with a foil-wrapped condom, is ripping it open, sliding it on, then sliding into me a second later.
It’d been so long since I was fucked by a red-blooded male, much less a well-hung young and virile one. Jimmy Ray fucked me hard. His fingers dug underneath my body to again find my clit and tickle it as he hammered me from behind. With his other hand, he again kneaded my buttocks roughly, making the many welts there scream loudly.
“Ooooh, that’s SO good, Jimmy! Can you keep that up for a few minutes more? I’m really close to cum… Argh!”
I’d felt a mighty orgasm building inside me. I knew my body, knew that it’d take just a bit more thrusting to push me over the edge. But much to my surprise, Jimmy Ray had jammed his jism-coated middle finger directly up my rectum to urge me forward more abruptly. I felt like a bug that had been pinned to student’s Science project with his thick finger up my anus knuckle-deep. And once pinned, Jimmy Ray renewed his hand spanking of my sore ass, lighting my tail-end up as though I was a lightening bug in that display. I climaxed over and over, each orgasm more mind-warping than the last. I felt my sphincter tighten down on that intruding finger, I felt my gluteal muscles flex, trapping his hand in place between my buttocks. I felt my pussy spasm, milking Jimmy Ray’s cock of every last drop of semen from his tightening testicles.
“I hope that was okay… You said that your whole bottom was one big erogenous zone, so I figured your anus was sensitive, too. It sure seems to have made you cum hard, ma’am!”
“I think if you’re balls deep in my pussy, with a finger deep up my ass hole, that you can call me Jeannie instead of ma’am…”
“Yes, ma’… Jeannie.”
“And it did make me cum extra hard. Very ingenious! Take your finger out now, please, and smell it…” Jimmy Ray did as he was told, like a little boy curious about a new place he’d just discovered. He pulled his finger from out of my rectum, inspected it closely, smelled it repeatedly. “Does it stink?”
“Nope, not at all…!”
“I pride myself in being anal about my anus,” I smiled with self-satisfaction. My rosebud was humming harmoniously, overriding the screaming of the belt welts, joining the vibrations in my sex. I felt euphoric! If I was with a lover, a Dominant, I would have elaborated that I was also very anal-erotic, that I’d love a second act of anal sex as soon as he could recover. But I didn’t voice any of this to Jimmy Ray. I helped him pull his shrinking erection out of me along with the full condom without spilling its heavy load.
“That was fun! Thanks!” I said sincerely but with a purposeful lightness, pecked him on the lips, and began to get dressed.
“I have to see you again!” Jimmy Ray proclaimed.
“I’m going camping with friends, I’m afraid that that won’t be possible.”
“I’m falling in love with you! Please give me your phone number so that we can…”
“You’re just infatuated with my phat fanny, Jimmy Ray. It was just a fuck…”
“No! This is more! This is…”
“This has been wonderful! You are a skillful and superb lover! But there is just too much distance between us, where we live, our ages, backgrounds. I’d be willing to bet that I’m among the first four or five women you’ve been with…”
“You’re my third. You are something special! We can overcome…”
“You are someone special, too! I’ll always remember you, Jimmy Ray! You were the first man for me after a long drought. Go find another special someone and fuck her silly, surprise her with a finger up the butt! I wish you all the very best..”
I kissed him on the forehead, grabbed my purse, and skipped out the door. On my drive back to Julie’s place, my mind kept returning to moments with Jimmy Ray, especially his use of that belt, his use of that finger. I squirmed in my bucket seat, aware that my pussy was still smoldering contentedly.

10 responses to “#341) Not a One Night Stand (Part I)”

  1. I have several other pieces written, but I wanted to publish this one that I just scribed yesterday first. It’s a fictionalization of my recent vacation. I won’t say what is factual and what is fantasy. I will say that I have more to say on the subject, so will be publishing a continuation sometime in the future. It’s nice to be back, my friends! It’s nice not to be able to sit comfortably right now…

    Liked by 3 people

  2. My God, this is beautiful.
    I also had the good fortune, when I was very young, to meet a beautiful, dirty, older woman who told me directly how she wanted it.
    It was very exciting.
    Thank you Jean-Marie

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wide thick belt blistering your gorgeous reddening behind was wonderful to read about, to hear and see in my mind’s eye (and hear)
    Then it actually surprised me when he inserted that finger! That was a great story! Well written with just enough detail to truly excite any butt-man. (Me).
    You sure know how to write.
    (We Texans intuitively believe that took place in Texas.) Thanx for the story!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you think that it surprised YOU, I actually accepted that intruding finger, paddlefan!!!!!!!!!! Yep, pardner, it’s set in Texas. Wait for tomorrow’s continuation, then we’ll talk excitement. You are welcome!

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