#344) Additional Fishnet and Fishhook Pics

As I was putting the previous post (“Gone Fishing Without Leaving Home”) together, I came across lots of photos on the topic that I shared to my folder. They got me hot, so I want to share them with you.

I now own several pairs of fishnet stockings. I’ve had several pair ripped off me, to bare my butt, to give access to my naughty bits. I don’t know why…

If waist-high stockings are good, is complete coverage even better? I think so.

Fishnet stockings usually make my mate’s blood boil and his hydraulics rise. I’ve never had this calm and cool a reaction when I’ve worn them…

I’ve grown to love having a big hook inserted up my ass!

I want to stick to my new resolve to post just once daily, but did want to share these hot shots with you, my friends. I hope you enjoy!

5 responses to “#344) Additional Fishnet and Fishhook Pics”

  1. I’m very glad you posted twice this day. I believe that Lester Holt should read one of your stories at the end of his 6:30 newscast. There wouldn’t be any one watching Jeprody at 7

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