#349) Wearing and Wearing-out

Claire was fresh out of the shower and wanted to find the perfect lingerie to wear. It was her birthday, Jerry was taking her out to dinner. She wanted it all to be perfect. She thought she knew what dress she was going to wear, but that, too, depended on her undergarments, so that it didn’t show a visible panty line through her clothes, etc. Actually, that eliminated lots of her bra and panty sets, because they did show through. She put this task off so she could rethink what dress to wear while she did her make-up and fixed her hair.
Ding-dong, the doorbell sounded.
Damn, he was early! Jerry was always early, she thought to herself! And she was usually running late!
She slipped on her robe and answered it, then turned to go back upstairs. As they ascended the stairs, he flipped up the back hem of the robe annoyingly to see if she was nude underneath, he asked, “Why aren’t you ready yet? Our reservations are for half an hour from now…”
“It only takes ten minutes to get to the restaurant! Keep your shirt on…”
With this, Jerry took his necktie off. He hated wearing a jugular-restricting necktie! He unbuttoned his shirt’s collar and just kept unbuttoning.
They got up the flight of stairs and Jerry took in the chaos, “Did a tornado hit here?”
“I can’t decide what to wear!” she announced near tears.
“Hey, what is all this?”
“I’m just emotional! Maybe it’s having another year added to my total, maybe it’s PMS…”
He hugged her from behind, letting his hands wander through the satin material to caress her breasts, move downward. “Whatever you wear, you’ll look spectacular!”
“Thank you for saying that! I wish it were true…” Tears now brimmed in her eyes.
“I’m going to make a series of executive decisions now, Claire,” he said to her, got out his cell phone and dialed the restaurant. “This is Jerry Jones. We have reservations for two at seven tonight. We’ll need to cancel those, and turn it into a home delivery order. I want two orders of your surf and turf special with au gratin potatoes and asparagus… Deliver that to 101 Biscayne Bay Boulevard, please… Thanks!” He looked back at his girlfriend. “Now you have no worries about what to wear, or running late…” He pulled one long-stem rose out of the water-filled vase on her dresser. “These look nice!”
“Oh, yeah, thank you for those!” She kissed him.
When their lips parted, he looked at her sternly with that look that sent shivers down Claire’s spine and jism into her pussy. “Shrug the robe off and bend over the bed.”
“What’re you gonna do?”
“Do as I say, Claire…” She did. “I’m going to whip your adorable bottom with this rose. I know that when you get like this, what you really need is a good cry. You’re gonna get it with a good old fashioned butt whipping … with a newfangled implement.”
Her mouth fell open, but no words came out. She had no rebuttal argument. He stripped the leaves off the stem, but left the one thorn he found there in place. He placed his left hand on the flat of her back, and took aim across her derriere with the rose-equipped right.
It stings! Not as bad as a cane stripe, but smartly, she thought to herself. On the second lash, the thorn caught her left cheek and broke the skin. “Yeowch!” Jerry turned the stem around in his hand, so the thorn was no longer a threat, and struck her proffered bum with the blossom end. He gave her another, harder, and the red bloom exploded upon contact. They both found it sexy. He scooped up the petals off the floor and tossed them onto the bed, both knowing what they’d be used for later.
“Do you want me to use another rose, or switch to my hand?”
“This is hot,” she confessed, “use another stem for my whipping! Bring me to tears, lover. You know me so well, Jerry…”
From then on, he used just the red rose end of the stem, used it hard, didn’t shield her from the thorns, just beat her bum until the rose burst and showered them in petals. Jerry used all twelve stems, beat her thoroughly, beat her through her cleansing cry. The thorns made little pin-pricks in her large posterior, making Claire sob, but she kept her bottom arched-out throughout. On average, he got about five lashes out of each stem. So Claire got over fifty lashes. Then he took her in his arms and pushed them both down onto the bed. It was time for more than just pin-pricking, and his rampant prick was ready. Jerry enveloped her in his embrace, as he slipped his erection into her smoldering Vesuvius of a mons veneris from behind. He fucked her on a bed of rose petals, pounding the front of her body into them until they stained her skin and scented it sweetly, as he pounded into her from the backside. They climaxed simultaneously in a cacophony of screams and moans.
Ding-dong. Their dinner had arrived.
“I’ll get it,” Jerry said, putting on Claire’s robe and cracking her up with how ridiculous he looked. He came back to bed with plastic bags filled with Styrofoam containers overbrimming with food.
She got serious for a minute. “You know my needs better than I often do… I needed that! Thank you for a lovely birthday!” Then she laughed again at how foolish he looked in her satin robe.

5 responses to “#349) Wearing and Wearing-out”

  1. That is a novel idea. Birthday spanking with rose stems! I don’t think I could use a thorn though.
    Nice post jean Marie. I have officially added rose stem switchings to my spanking repertoire with optional sex on rose petals. Your blog makes me me a better spanker/disciplinarian.
    I am sooooo glad I found you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Let us know if/when you first use this technique, please. Some advice: Number 1) the longer the stem, the better (but also the more expensive). 2) For my cast-iron ass, the stems stung when used full force, but not enough, so I preferred the sting of the pricking thorns. 3) Another nice touch, one florist I know used a thin wire stuck in the bottom of the bloom and wrapped around the stem to keep their “heads up” longer. This, too, stung deliciously. 4) Being fucked on a bed covered with rose petals is SO romantic! I didn’t mind that they stuck to my sweaty skin and stained both me & the sheets. Have fun!

      Liked by 3 people

      • Do the thorns bring blood?
        Thanx for the tips. I consider you to be well-versed on the subject of spanking . Thanx again!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Paddlefan, I think that there is some variation. The roses we used had lovely long stems and tiny thorns. They left me abraised. I’ve seen some roses with large thorns that would scare me. I now envision kinksters shopping for a dozen roses not by looking at the breathtaking blooms, but rather at the stems!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx for the reply.
      Since I don’t want to draw blood, I will seek out long stem roses. I appreciate your help . You’re the best!

      Liked by 2 people

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