#354) More Fireworks to Share

Get ready to “ooh!” and “aah!” because I’ve got some explosive pyrotechnics to share with you, my friends!

Remember how I took about a week-long vacation a week ago? I accomplished a lot (which always make me feel fulfilled).

I traveled, saw family far away, saw some sights, ate at splendid restaurants, had fun.

I wrote a lot! As you probably know, for me that entails getting naked and writing, and self-spanking, and self-pleasuring.

I have a Conair brand hairbrush just like this, use it when my bare hand isn’t enough. It really smarts and makes a lovely loud sound! (This woman looks like she’s being made to wallop her bottom, as though her Top is documenting her self-inflicted spanking with the camera, whereas I do it voluntarily because it puts me in a very sexy zone.)

I also screwed-up my courage and went to a “munch” in a nearby big city! In case you don’t know, that’s where spankos gather to eat, meet, socialize. I wore sunglasses the whole time, used a fake name, was shaking like a leaf. I also met a wonderful man!

We have taken it one small step at a time. He asked to take me out. We met for tea. I had a lovely time getting to know him better.

I went straight home and stripped-down and blistered my bottom, thinking about things, him, whether I was ready for this… I didn’t sleep well, kept waking up. I’d just spank myself some more, and masturbate, and reflect on things.

He phoned me the next morning, saying he wanted to see me again. I told him that I was writing that day. He said that this was “fine, but still wanted to see me.” I told him that I always write in the nude. He repeated that he wanted “to see me.” I said yes, greeted him at my door as naked as the day I was born. I was adamant that we should not get carried-away, that I needed to take things slowly. He agreed. So I wrote some, and let him proofread my work. When I got to a sexy spot, for inspiration I bent over and spanked my butt really good and hard. Bob (his name is Robert) could see how sexually excited this made me.

(I also have a long-handled bath-brush identical to this one pictured, Ecotools brand, which I recommend highly. This woman is doing the job most realistically, most like I do, with strong intent and purpose.)

Bob took me in his arms and said that he wanted to see that I never had to spank myself ever again, that he “wanted to be the chosen one lucky enough to do that FOR me.”

I didn’t cave-in and take him to the bedroom. We went out to eat and talked. I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from him!

So last evening I phoned him. I told him that I needed to see him in my apartment, that I wasn’t writing, but would again be greeting him at my door without benefit of any clothes. He joined me, both inside my place and in the state of nudity. I told him that I hadn’t shared myself with anyone since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I told him I was ready to commit now, with him. I don’t have any photos to illustrate this. I won’t share any descriptive details about it. I will say that I’m falling in love. I feel giddy and scared, cautious and carefree all at once. I promised myself and Bob that I wouldn’t write anymore specifics about “us.” Whatever I write will be fictionalized, just as my past has been. But this is a big step for me, a “giant leap” for my shy, OCD, stuttering self. Just like Buzz Aldrin who said that famous phrase long ago when he was trying something totally new, I feel lighter than air and way outside my comfort zone. I hope you’ll wish me well!

4 responses to “#354) More Fireworks to Share”

  1. If he is the one he is the most blessed and fortunate man there is.
    I hope he lights a fire in (and under ) you for a long long time.

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