#356) Update – Corner Time

If you read my blog yesterday (and up to just a moment ago), you know that I attempted to have a discussion about Art versus Porn in a post labeled with this number, #356.

Well, WordPress weighed-in on the matter, informing me by email that they deemed the video I attached to illustrate the post to be porn. So I have deleted it. I feel as though they spanked me privately. It smarted and I was left feeling humiliated. Then they made me spank myself publicly (as the photo above illustrates).

Hopefully, WordPress will check back and see that I was obedient and my butt cheeks are blushing even more brightly than my facial cheeks. Hopefully, that will end the matter for them, and I’ll be deemed a “good girl” once again in their eyes. I thought that it was a very valid and important discussion (and I found that video clip really hot!). Hopefully, everyone concerned (WordPress and you) enjoy me standing with my nose pressed to the wall and my flaming fanny on display. They may have blistered my bottom, but they didn’t change my mind!

7 responses to “#356) Update – Corner Time”

    • Whew! And Clemons lived before alcohol and marijuana prohibition; great man, great writer, thank you for sharing this quote!
      The more I think about this, the hotter I get! Thankfully I have Bob here to rant at, so I won’t take it out on all of you!

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  1. You will always be my cyber “good girl” excerpt when you’re not, and I feel the cyber and the real need or great desire to cyber paddle and/or tawse your beautiful behind !
    That felt great to write! Thanx fer the post and , as it often happens, the inspirations!

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  2. I think that it is appropriate that we all give ourselves a good spanking for enjoying (sooo much) the video of the lovely young lady pining for her man, and then stand along side you Jean Marie. ā¤

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