#358 Oversight and Insights

First, apparently yesterday was National Bikini Day and I missed recognizing it. In honor of this, I post the above photo.

Second, I feel like the girl in the above photo. She went to the beach in her cute swim suit expecting to show off a bit, socialize with friends, catch-up on what’s new. Instead, her Daddy pulled her bottoms down and spanked her bared butt in front of her friends, everybody at that section of beach, God…

WordPress chastised me. I posted a thoughtful discussion that they labeled “in violation of their guidelines.” I’ve cleaned house (which usually decompresses me), eaten lunch (which nourishes and decompresses me), seduced my boyfriend (ditto), and I’m still riled-up! During pillow-talk, I asked Bob, “Am I wrong? If I’m wrong, I’ll drop it!” He replied, “You’re not wrong.”

I’ve purposefully posted still photos and art work that I thought was controversial, and didn’t hear from them. I posted a short video clip of a man spanking a woman’s backside, and didn’t hear from WordPress. I tried to moderate a much-needed discussion on what constitutes Art, Erotica, and/or Porn, and I hear from them in spades. I posted a three minute long video of an attractive woman pleasuring herself anally. They told me to take it down. I’m pleased that they didn’t dismantle this site, I’m pleased that they don’t seem to care about the fetish of spanking, B D S&M, etc. But they judged my post to be porn when I wanted to make people think about the very nature of porn. On television and social media, we can see the aftermath of brutal and unjust warfare, read vile and hurtful comments, but we can’t watch two people make love, or even just one person perform fun, gratifying, sexual things alone. Something’s wrong, but I don’t think it’s me!

This deflated me and pissed me off all at once, much like the photographed female above. I’ll keep you posted on further developments (unless this blog suddenly disappears, in which case you’ll know that I wouldn’t let it go and went too far).

6 responses to “#358 Oversight and Insights”

    • Me too Paddle Fan. Let it go Jean Marie, they are a machine (i.e. you won’t get them to change their mind) and we don’t want to lose you. I love did the video and the story that you wrote around it though.

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  1. Word press…because WE KNOW, that no one has ever looked at nor enjoyed porn on the internet (or elsewhere) 🫡😉🙄🤩🖕🏻…As for the offending post and accompanying video and as one of your resident Military Veterans I shall quote from “Animal-Mother” from the movie Full Metal Jacket

    “If I’m going to get my balls blown off for a word…MY WORD…is poontang”…

    I personally loved the video / post and can guarantee all of her orifices would be getting thoroughly punished and fucked upon my return from the front!

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