#359) Apparently Once Was Not Enough

I was contacted a second time by WordPress informing me that they still had a problem with some of the accompanying art work (photos, paintings drawings…), anything that showed too much anatomy posted on this site.

I have gone through my postings and deleted anything that I’ve been led to believe could be problematic. I’ve informed WordPress of this. I thought that the warning that I voluntarily posted on the navigation route to this site, the warning that stated that this site contained adult material was sufficient. Their morality police inform me otherwise. I will abide by this (new to me) approach in future postings.

I’m very demoralized by this!


Jean Marie

5 responses to “#359) Apparently Once Was Not Enough”

  1. You made a first class good faith effort to oblige them and then they cut you to the bone .
    I can only say I am with you on this and I believe many others are too. I am sooo sorry this happened to you.
    You’re the best. You really are.
    Thank you!

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  2. That sucks! The images add a lot to your posts. I see tons of other blogs posting all kinds of filthy stuff, but they may be self hosted WP sites. Not sure how much it would cost, but you might look into that. Sorry about this though. I was so pissed when they took my blog down.

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  3. Love your blog (and the other spanked ladies blogs as well)…This is a punch in the dick though.
    Just keep it (and me) up young lady and keep on keepin on 🤙🏻

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  4. I went through this too. It sucks. What I have learned from blogging here for six years is that boobs and butts are okay…but no cocks, definitely no cocks going into anything, and no vagina shots. I used to have some amazing pics on my blogs that I really miss. But alas, the price we pay for a free website to blog on. Sorry you had to delete your pictures! XOXO

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