#360) Parting Shots (Part I)

In a comment colloquy with regular-reader, paddlefan, I got the idea of a story about a couple breaking up and having to equitably divvy-up their amassed weapons of ass destruction. For an important reason that I’ll detail later, I didn’t want to down myself out by dwelling on this as a fully developed written piece, so I’ll just thumbnail it here.
Let’s call this a little ditty about Jack and Diane (thanks John Mellencamp for the names). They’re a perfect couple in bed (and wherever else they play spanky and fucky games). But it ends there. They differ in terms of money management, cleanliness/messiness, food preferences, morning person/night-owl, you get the picture. So they are breaking-up.
They knew what each contributed when they merged households, but they’ve purchased many implements and toys jointly while a couple. They try to divide them evenly, but Diane is going through withdrawal having to part with the spanking implements that Jack is going to leave with later today. So being a fan of ritual (I am, are you? I like spank sessions ritualized in how I’m lectured, bared, put into position, punished, etc. I think that this is what draws me to religion and certain sports and cultural events.), she devises a ritual where Jack will administer two swats with each implement he’s taking away. With the first swat Diane can reminisce on all the great punishments she’s endured from this toy, and with the second one, she can say her good-byes.
Structure this ritual any way that pleases you, with paddles made of both leather and wood, as well as Lexan, straps of all thicknesses, riding crops, dressage whips, and canes. In your scenario, really work sweet Diane’s sweet cheeks, make her work to keep it together as the ritual goes on and on. By the end, she’s crying softly, not just from her blistered bottom, but also from the separation anxiety of having to part with so many fond friends. Along with the profuse tears, Diane gets extremely aroused from the session, there’s copious arousal evident. Jack asks if she wants to make love one last time. She demurs, sees him out, retires to her bed, where she cries openly and masturbates even more unabashedly.

3 responses to “#360) Parting Shots (Part I)”

  1. In the above post, I refer to “an important reason” motivating me to want to focus on the positive. I didn’t know, back when I penned this post about a week ago, when I’d reveal the news that I’m in the early stages of a committed heterosexual relationship. I found it slightly depressing to think about break-ups when I was (and am) so filled with optimism. Then yesterday’s events with the WordPress administration. These dealings really hurt my mental state. I’ll say more about this later. For now, please realize that I’m doing okay, and that tomorrow’s post (Part II of this tale) WILL be detailed and juicier…

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  2. This story, along with it’s title, had good byes written all through it. It makes ( to me) part two sound ominous butt
    I am hopeful I am out in deep left field with my concerns.
    Yes I believe in rituals. They give substance, emphasis through repetition, and a process that can be counted on and somewhat comforting at times. It’s all of those things that draw me to rituals.Vanilla and kinky people both have them and they are valuable to both sexes and other subsets of people.
    Did Diane cry tears over losing Jack or just losing the thrills and excitement he used those things to bring.

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    • As the writer, I saw their relationship as dead, like a cold, extinguished fire. The implements are still embers, however, for her. Hope this makes sense, paddlefan. If I can post the continuation tomorrow (having tech trouble now) it’ll be resolved (happily).

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