#362 Curiosity Killed the Cat, But Only Gave Me This Set of Welts (Part II)

Jack and Diane had split-up. Diane’s collection of toys was reduced by more than half due to her former beau’s taking his with him when he left. She simply did not have the disposable income to replace the paddles and straps and whips that Jack took, and she mourned this loss. She went through too long a period of time alone and lonely, her winter of discontent, spanking herself as a kind of penance, then masturbating from the familiar feelings a warmed bottom brought back.
But then she met Doug. It amazed Diane that a relationship could operate so smoothly; the two saw eye-to-eye on just about everything. Today she’s just hanging-out at Doug’s house. He was doing some on-line meetings for his work, but they also had the time to eat lunch together, to kiss and make-out, to get to know one another better. Doug was fully clothed (because of those Zoom meetings), but Diane was not. She would have preferred to be totally naked, like she was so often at her home, but wore her panties because her sex was leaking so much jism during these quality-time-shares with Douger.
She made tuna fish sandwiches on whole wheat toast for their lunch, joking that if they both ate them, they wouldn’t notice the strong smell on the other’s breath. She took a risk and added another thought.
“And the fishy smell of tuna will mask the scent of high tide in my panties’ gusset…!”
“Let me see…” Doug responded, pulling her close, pulling her underpants down. “My god, you’re wet!”
“You turn me on like a faucet,” she replied and kissed him. He fingered her. She came. He licked up her jism-covered privates, not knowing that this first time would repeat itself all afternoon long. She changed into a fresh pair of panties, then changed the subject, “Do you keep all your toys and implements in one centralized location?”
“Yeah, in the closet,” he answered.
“Hopefully that doesn’t apply to your mental attitude about being a Top,” she joked, “in the closet, get it?”
I’ll show you whose closeted and who is out!” he mock-erupted and chased Diane into his bedroom, swatting the seat of her panties with playful spanks the whole way. From the closet floor he picked up a small leather paddle and gave Diane several harder swats. Diane got really wet, again. Doug pulled her pants all the way off, licked her to climax, licked up her viscous cream, and then Diane pulled her undies back up and sat down to look through his implement collection.
“Golly, you’ve got a lot!” She sorted through the big pile on the walk-in closet’s floor. “You ought to organize all of them…”
“I know, but where?”
“You’ve got that catch-all room where your computer hard drive is, what you call your junk room. We could clean it up, put up some pegboard and hang all of these on the wall. It’d look hot to have your own private dungeon set-up…!”
“It would be cool, but I don’t have the time…”
“I do. I’m pretty handy and I’m free all summer from teaching…”
Doug kissed Diane to signify that he liked her suggestions, like the deal was sealed with a kiss. They tasted tuna fish, she tasted her own pussy on Doug’s tongue. The thought occurred to Diane that life was as good as it could be; she had a new lover, their days were spent with spicy, sexual interludes that punctuated a nice normalcy. She started sorting the many implements by type. Then she came upon a surprise.
“Oh…!” came out of her mouth. “You have… a flogger…!”
“Yeah, you like it?”
Diane inspected it closely. “I love it!” It had twelve long, thin tails. “I bet it stings like the dickens!” She was wet again, wetter than ever.
“The women I’ve used it on have thought so,” Doug smiled. He seemed to lose himself in remembering different lovers, various past scenes.
Diane didn’t know how many Doug had been with, didn’t want him reflecting on them, wanted to create new memories. “You must whip me with this! Tonight, promise me?” This was said with intensity, with hunger.
“If you like,” he chuckled, trying to reduce the sudden tension in the room. “Think about a role-play scenario you would like to act out…” In the meantime, he went back to his Zoom meetings, and Diane immersed herself in her creative task. She drove to the hardware store and bought pegboard, hooks, and paint, some bricks and shelving. She cut the pegboard into three sections, painted them to match the light gray walls of the spare bedroom. When it dried, she screwed the three parts into the stud wall. She mounted paddles on hooks on one section, straps onto the second, and whips and crops on the third, then arranged book shelves on the rustic bricks and planks to display the many kinky books she found on the closet floor, as well. The finished product looked as masculine as it was impressive. “I love it!” Doug exclaimed when he saw it. “I’m amazed at your handy-person abilities!”
Diane blushed, unused to being recognized for her crafty skills, as well as being proud of her work. The day had gotten away from them, it was already dinnertime. With nothing planned, and hunger gnawing at them, they went out to eat. At the restaurant, they talked about the upcoming role-play session that Diane had suggested with his cat-tailed flogger, what she wanted out of it. Not for the first time, Diane reflected that she loved this about Doug, how he was so willing to act out a role to make their play highly-charged, and how he recognized that no one is a mind reader. Far from limiting a scene, their discussion gave it life in outlining the perimeters. It takes open conversation to Top and bottom successfully.
“So, have you ever been whipped with a flogger before?” he asked, not caring if others at nearby tables overheard their kinky conversation.
“Just dreamed about it,” Diane answered, conscious that their discussion was going to get her panties drenched yet again. “How about we use one through ten numeration cues? You start by giving me about a five level lash, and I can then ask for it harder by saying a higher number, a six, seven, eight, or request it softer with a lower number four, three, or so… Sound good?”
He nodded. “You’ll find that my flogger is quite stingy. I’ve seen some that are more thuddy made from suede. But you’re wise to want to start slowly; this one smarts!” He watched his lover squirm in her seat, knew that she was sitting in a puddle of desire. “And have you devised a situation you’d like to reenact?”
Just as animatedly, Diane launched into her idea. “I can’t help that I’m a history teacher! I was doing some reading about famous female pirates…”
“I didn’t know that there were such a thing,” Doug said as he munched his salad.
“Yeah, several of them! My favorite is an Irish lass named Anne Bonny. She was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy lawyer, most active as a pirate in her twenties. I want to role-play as her, and you can be the British captain who has caught me… Interested?”
Jack nodded transfixed, so Diane regaled him with stories as they ate their meal.
After dinner, when they got back to his place, Doug seized Diane by the scruff of the neck and marched her up to his master bath, snagging several toys on the way. Inside his shower stall, Jack restrained her wrists in padded cuffs and attached them to the shower nozzle over her head. Then he yanked all her clothing off unceremoniously. It was just like being bound to a ship’s mast and stripped naked for flogging as she’d seen in old movies, at least in her imaginative mind.
“Your lover, Calico Jack is in irons below deck,” her Doug stated in a proper British accent. “He’ll be hung as soon as we reach port. You may be as well, but first I want some information…”
He raised the flogger overhead, held its tails with his left hand and took aim at her pert and available backside with his right. He looked like some archer, pulling his bowstring back, by the way he put tension in the whip. Crack! The many tails stung her buttocks, made Diane yelp.
“That was a five,” he whispered unaccented. “Is that about right?”
“God, it’s… fearsome.. awesome!” she answered, it was right up there at the near top of her limit to take as a submissive! Lots of lashes would wear her out, and that’s what she wanted. Then in her best low-class Irish said, “You’ll never get a word out of me!”
He gave her bum two more stinging cracks. “Tell me where you’ve hidden your booty.”
She stuck her formidable ass out at him, “My booty can’t be hidden! I’ll not say a thing!” She liked being able to make a double entendre of this word, the old world or the modern day. Doug smirked at it, too.
Doug flailed her bottom with five-level lashes with his flogger. He caught her rubbing her thighs together like some horny cricket, so made her stand with legs wide apart, so she couldn’t pleasure herself as he whipped Diane’s thighs just as hard, then from her shoulders down with three-force lashes. She cried out from the legitimate sting, but otherwise said nothing.
“I know what will loosen your impudent tongue,” he said, turning her around. Doug used a figure-eight motion with his wrist to whip her across her heaving breasts. “Those are fours,” he whispered. Diane threw her head back, feeling the whip make her tits come alive, feeling her nipples ache, but she only snarled back at the punishing officer. He moved his offending hand lower, whipping her delicate, navel-indented tummy, then her soft inner thighs, and finally across her vulnerable pussy. Diane withstood the intense pain as long as she could.
“I plead the belly! You can’t torture or hang me by law, I’m pregnant!” she screamed back at him with a lilt in her voice.
“By what scoundrel?” he countered in high-born English.
“Calico Jack planted his seed in me!” Diane said with glee.
“We’ll see while you’re imprisoned if your menstrual blood comes or if your belly grows…” He turned her around once more. “Meanwhile, I’ll take my satisfaction from you another way…” He gave her already sore bottom three more good, hard cracks with his whip, then parted her smarting buttocks wide apart. Doug took a liquid soap dispenser from the shower shelf, stuck its nozzle up her pink anus, and gave it two or three pumps.. “We’ll let that lubricant work its magic while I heat it up…” he said and beat her some more across her plump posterior with the fantastic flogger. She cursed him, but took the whipping stoically otherwise. The captain then undid his breeches and released his rampant manhood.
“I think you’ve mistaken me for your dirty little cabin-boy, you buggering bastard,” the piratess spat as he parted her bum and took aim.
“Wouldn’t want to give your excuse credence by impregnating you here and now, so…”
She felt his erection batter at her bum hole, then breach the tiny portal. With just a squirt of soap, the congress burned as he forced his large spar up her tight aperture. It was just what she wanted, to be fucked like an outlaw! Diane was so pleased with how Doug had integrated this into the scene. It was too delicious to keep up further pretense.
“Oh, fuck that’s good! Fuck my nasty ass for me, lover!” she yelled as the modern day Diane.
With whip welts burning across every sensitive part of her body, with his cock burning its way in and out of her ass, with her wrists still bound overhead, Diane gave way to all the flooding feelings, and was swept away in orgasmic release. They came together.
“You’re a good actress!” Doug praised as he provided solicitous aftercare. They both smiled at how spontaneous, fresh, unconventional and hot their shared scene had evolved.
“Only because you are such a good scene partner,” Diane returned, suddenly spent and exhausted.
Doug unfastened Diane from the shower nozzle and carried her limp form to the bed.
“How would you rate your first flogging?” he asked while caressing her many welts.
“…Fucking phenomenal…! It was intense… scary… something I dearly want to experience again, just not too soon…! I… I’m at a loss for words…”
“That says volumes,” Doug pronounced about his loquacious lover, and they fell into a deep sleep in one another’s arms.

(I want to talk here about the two photos that I found to illustrate my words. The above photo caught my attention and held it. It wonderfully captures my mental idea of what real life Irish character, Anne Bonny, might have looked like, especially when trying to catch the eye of her pirate lover, Calico Jack. Then there’s the photo to the left. It doesn’t show any bared, private anatomy or penetration, so I’m hoping that it’s okay to post. [I confess that the bad experiences of the last few days have me rattled!] The photo is beautiful to me, so sexual! It captures a woman who is so supremely aroused, like I portrayed in Diane, like I relate to myself. I hope that you find it just as swoon-worthy!)

9 responses to “#362 Curiosity Killed the Cat, But Only Gave Me This Set of Welts (Part II)”

  1. That was a wonderful story! To a somewhat sadistic spanker like me it was a full course meal of a torture scene of a woman’s bottom (and other sensitive areas). It was controlled sadism/masochism that really got and kept my attention throughout. I usually strongly prefer OTK so this was an informative as well as sexual treat for me.
    Thanx so much. !!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • SO glad you enjoyed it, paddlefan (because you inspire the conception)! I like variety; I get SO turned-on when I’m about to experience a new (to me) implement tried-out on my bottom for the first time! That’s what this story’s about.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Tipacanoe, I SO appreciate your reading and catching-up with this blog on your schedule! You came to my mind first when I was censored and made to remove a number of accompanying photos from my posts. Thank you for following!

      Liked by 1 person

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