#363) You. Need. This.

He says this with an implement filling his hand, while looking at the clothes adorning my body that he wants off.
He intends to connect the two, what’s in his hand and my body; I’m left to connect the dots and start stripping.
I can’t argue with the sentence that he has just pronounced; Daddy knows best.
I don’t want it; I know that it’ll hurt. I have lots of previous experience to base my perspective on.
But I know that I do need it, for my past errors, and my attitude, and the cleaning-of-my-slate.
My buttocks tremble at the prospect, jiggle as my undies are yanked down.
My heart hammers as I stand before him, then am put over his knee.
My mouth stammers, “P-please, D-don’t B-be T-too H-hard O-on M-me…”
None of this matters, none of it changes the outcome, spank upon spank, tear after tear, as I get it, just what I needed.

7 responses to “#363) You. Need. This.”

    • It’s SO funny how our lives intersect, even though from distance. I was talking to my boyfriend in bed this A.M. after a REALLY NICE wake-up session. He asked what I was thinking about, and I honestly replied that I was thinking about a woman joining us (just on the fantasy level). He asked if I had any woman specifically in mind. I returned that several have been on my mind, you, Nora, among them. Is the spanko equivalent of ones’ ears ringing when someone’s talking about you a tingle in the tush?

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  1. That was great!
    The pic fit the story very well but what made this story great was your description of what was going on what was to come.
    Sooooo erotic. I love the sense of foreboding discipline and your writing was superb. Made me want to be her Daddy. This was one of your best IMHO.
    Thanx bunches!!!

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  2. In the UK we say…your ears must have been burning…so perhaps here we might say…a tingle in your bum. I know it’s not alliterative but can’t think of another word to replace tingle!

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