#365) This Morning at Dawn

I check my breath by spitting on my fingertips and smelling it
just before I apply those fingers to my pussy to rub one out and get my motor revving.
Then I check how my pussy smells by sniffing my fingertips
and subtracting my breath smell.
I do the same thing to check my butt’s hygiene with my other hand.
All of my mouths smell fine, not like mouthwash, but earthy/clean.
Having taken this dipstick reading, I feel confident to roll over and get on top of him
and wake him by inserting his morning wood in my sex.
“Good morning, darling! Care for a quickie?” I ask,
although I already know the answer. We have just enough time to get off,
before he must rush to get ready for work.
And I don’t have to worry about a thing as I kiss him, as he works fingers up my ass,
starting the day off with a bang.

(Nothing is as tasty as morning sex! Quickies usually just whet/wet my appetite and leave me hungry for more, but not this time. I’m not saying this to brag, and certainly don’t want to jinx things, but have been practicing Gratitude, and I’m mindful that I have so much for which to be thankful.)

(Upon reflection, I changed this post, so as not to be so personal. Still intimate, just not so personal.)

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