#368) A Peaches and Cream Complexion

Maybe I’m vain. Maybe I took self-care a step too far. But I’m proud of my butt, and I want to keep it sexy.
A year ago, I was in the store. I couldn’t afford a day at the spa, but I could afford some products to make me feel pampered. I bought a facial masque, hoping it would rejuvenate the skin, give it more elasticity and a clear complexion. Then, on a lark, I bought a second one. I put that one on my bottom, wanting the same results.
I was motivated by a memory. By a strange set of circumstances, back when I was modeling in Los Angeles, I met a fascinating woman at a party. She was a professional submissive. She worked at a commercial establishment offering the services of both Tops and bottoms, and Susie was a bottom. We struck up a friendship, she furthered my progress on my journey toward who I am today. Anyway, once when we were together working-out at a gym, she asked me to feel her bare butt while in the locker-room.
“Do you feel anything different?” she asked.
“Yeah, it’s like the sit-spots on your bottom are slightly calloused…!” I replied.
“That’s what I thought, what I was afraid of!” she concluded.
Getting spanked as regularly as Susie was in her chosen profession, her bottom was toughening-up. I’ve remembered that lesson ever since. As fun as spanking is, it can be rough on ones’ butt complexion. So I didn’t feel at all silly or self-indulgent buying a moisturizing masque meant as a beauty product for ones’ face and using it on my other set of cheeks.
Then, over a month ago, while shopping, I saw how Madison Avenue had caught on to this niche market. I saw a product called “Slap It” which was a masque intended specifically for ones’ bottom. I bought it and used it.
Today, my friend, Hermione, featured a post on her marvelous blog, Hermione’s Heart, about this very topic. People seemed surprised, but I wasn’t. I’d planned to post on this topic whenever it was convenient, but because my friend made the topic a hot one, I thought I’d add to the discussion. I stand by my advice; if your bottom gets spanked frequently, you ought to take care of it, pamper it, keep it butt-pretty! (I detest the term, “butt-ugly”!)

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