#375) Half a Year!

I thought it was worth noting that I launched this blog exactly six months ago. This milestone gives me ALL THE MORE respect for trailblazers like Hermione and Bonnie, who have been blogging for years! It motivated me to reread my free verse poem in the sidebar, “Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-end.”

I looked over all the photos/artwork I’ve posted. There are more than 400 pics in the file I use for this blog, and over 150 more that are considered too revealing by WordPress that I had to remove! I landed on this artwork by Birdfish as representative of my feelings right now. I (like the girl captured here) am a student of life, a life-long learner, as well as a teacher. I feel like I’m in this magical place, blogland! It’s enchanting here! I’m not shy about showing off the fact that I’m a spanko! I’m proud, not chastened in the least, to display my spanked bottom! It has me excited for more play to come after this cornertime (treetime?) and my mind is filled with these erotic possibilities. I’m thinking about butt stuff! I love sharing this with a community of my peers; you guys are my Hogwarts…

Another fact struck me. I’ve posted 375 times in about 183 days! I used to exuberantly post four and five times a day. I still feel enthusiastic about blogging, but that has evolved with the advent of a current romantic relationship. In my half a year here, I’ve taken one short vacation of five days off. I’m going to be taking some more of varying durations. But I hope to keep posting, keep the spark alive, with your continued loyalty, encouragement, and feedback.


7 responses to “#375) Half a Year!”

  1. Exuberance… enthusiasm… excitable, multicoloured waves of passion… In a world that can be super harsh, these things can be lifelines. I love the encouraging way you conjure them here.

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