#376) Bennifer 2.0

It was announced over the weekend that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck eloped to Las Vegas. I wish them all the best!

On the one hand, I feel a special affinity to JLo, sister with a big bottom. She helped popularize a fashionably large booty. She is multi-talented.

Ben is also very talented. I just fear that his well documented addictive personality will be a problem. I think he is working on his alcoholism; I’m not so sure about his gambling problem. We all have our demons. We’ll see how this marriage goes. I meant it when I said that I wish them well.

But, when I heard the news, I also thought of Jennifer Garner, his ex. I hope she’s okay through all this. Ah, Hollywood!

She is ageless. Actually, she is fifty years old. She inspires me to keep working-out, to abstain from alcohol, to eat healthfully.

There is a Butt Stuff connection with her, more than just having a large, round one. JLo has been married four times (and that doesn’t count infamous romances, like with Sean P Diddy Combs). Anyway, in her first marriage to a business manager, a “sex tape” of sorts was leaked. It showed Jennifer getting spanked over her new husband’s knee, with her playfully (but in no way forcefully) objecting. I saw a glimpse of it before it was legally squashed. I wish an interviewer would ask her about her interests in this!

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