#379) National X Day

Because current events are so dismal (global warming, politics, the economy, etc.), many news outlets focus on “happy news,” news intended to make us feel good. My television’s local station is always noting that today is national “whatever” day.

Today is National Moon Day because fifty three years ago, man first set foot on the moon. Because my bottom is full, round, and pale, men have often referred to it as a moon.

Today is also National Hot Dog Day. I don’t know exactly when this was labeled or why, I try not to eat this unhealthy food. I do quite enjoy the sex act that is called “hot dogging” where the male aligns his erect cock up the female’s ass crack, her buns. This isn’t anal intercourse, it’s crevice fucking. It isn’t intense, just pleasurable butt stuff.

Today is also Wednesday, of course. It’s referred to as Hump Day, half way towards the weekend. But “humping” is another slang term for coitus.

This confluence amused me. Take advantage of it anyway you wish. As for me, when I first heard the news, I asked my lover to combine all three. I’ll let you use your imagination how we achieved this, but it sure did start the day off on the right footing!

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