#381) Harem Girl

Imagine a story taking place in any of the time periods of the last three posts, bridging centuries of time. Things move at a slower place outside the Industrialized world, that is to say, outside Christendom.
This story takes place in ancient Persia, what is now called Iran. The girl pictured above has just been welcomed into the Pasha’s harem. The welcoming ceremony consisted of the other twenty nine harem girls holding the new initiate down, parting her thighs wide, and taking turns plucking every last pubic hair out of the former slave girl. They exfoliate her pubic bush and the crack up her ass; all now as smooth as the proverbial baby’s butt. Then they bathe her in flower-scented hot water. The twenty nine new sisters take turns exploring her nubile body, ascertaining that she is indeed a virgin, that her nipples are very sensitive to touch, as is her tight rectum. The twenty nine giggle at how please the Pasha will be with this new addition.
At midnight, she is escorted into the Pasha’s inner sanctum, his boudoir. He sizes her up with a glance. She is pleasingly plump, like a fattened calf before slaughter. If she isn’t mindful of her diet, in a year she will be fat. But her harem-sisters will help her watch her weight and keep her active. At this chosen moment, she is ripe, ready for plucking.
She sizes things up quickly, too. This room is even more luxurious than the rest of his palace. The Pasha himself is quite large, with a rotund belly, and an even more impressive cock, both in length and in girth. He is nude, resting on a bank of pillows. The eunuch escorting her, Blak, leaves, so that the two are alone.
“What do they call you?” he asks, taking her trembling hand.
“Lovely name, Sheena, for a lovely girl.”
She blushes and lowers her long eyelashes. He reaches out and removes the sheer white veil covering her mouth. This has the same symbolism as it does in a Western marriage ceremony. He is hers and she is his, he will soon remove her maidenhead’s veil, her hymen, to make it official. The only difference is that she is expected to be chaste, only cleave herself to him, and he will sow his seed in all twenty six in his harem, and many others in passing, and more to be added to his bountiful collection of beauties over time. He assumes that her sisters guaranteed that Sheena is the virgin he paid for on the slave block, or he would’ve heard about it long before this. He reaches out and removes the white gossamer veils around her gold waistband.
“I would like you to ride me on this maiden voyage together; that way, you can control the pace and rhythm of our dance.”
She nods, straddles his large form, squats until his cockhead touches her labial lips. She rubs him across her slit, back and forth, lets him enter as far as it will go. Sheena then quickly thrusts herself down on him, and with a muffled mew, is a virgin no more. To extinguish the sting, she rides him hard and fast. The Pasha reaches around and grasps a handful of ass with each hand. She lubricates copiously, their congress is heated and intense and invigorating. He releases her bottom, reaches up to rip away her final veil, the one containing her bouncing breasts. He seizes these firmly, pinches each nipple roughly. Sheena cries out, convulses, and climaxes, bathing the Pasha with ejaculate, gripping him passionately. She is amazed that all of these ministrations aren’t effective in drawing the ejaculate out of him and into her womb. They have the same thought at the same time.
“Do you wish me in the other place, Master?”
He nods with an ever-widening smile on his face.
“May I have more lubricant there than just what little tickled its way in? I am tight there, and want to make it acceptably rewarding for my lover…”
Receiving his nod, she dismounts and turns around. He fingers some special ointment into her crevice, up her smaller orifice. She squirms and sighs.
“I am pleased that this excites you,” he says with great satisfaction, “I like it as much as any act, Sheena!”
“Should I worry about leaving you unattended around little boys, Pasha?” she jokes.
He swats her bulbous bottom with a sharp spank, informing her firmly that she shouldn’t go too far. Chastised, she tries to get back into his good graces by wriggling her bottom lasciviously and aligning her anal dimple with his erection. He takes her by the hips and guides her down. Again, they stop when her rear mouth just barely kisses his cockhead. It’s as if both partners are preparing themselves for the other-worldly pleasures that await. Almost imperceptibly, she lowers herself, impales herself, feels him fill her, stretch her, make her dirty exit into a divine entrance. But it was a journey for the novice nubile.
“Oh Pasta… no, I’m not made for it, it is too much, I’m too tight…” followed a moment later by, “Oh, oh, Pasha, that’s so… so intense! Take it slowly, Master… take me… there… I want it…” and after another moment, “Yes, Master, fuck my dirty ass for me, make me your dirty whore, defile me, debase me, degrade me, deep, fuck my ass deep, oh, yes, Pasha!” She came, afraid of the climax for how it might make her lose control. She came, totally uninhibited and wanting him to join her in this incredible release. She came, gripping his prodigious prick tightly, riding him fervently.
The Pasha clearly enjoyed himself, but did not orgasm, which distressed Sheena.
“You did not cum,” she pouts, “do you not find me sexy, Pasha?”
“I find you to be the epitome of sexiness, Sheena! I am very pleased with you. But I have more of your sisters to please tonight…”
“Who is next after me?”
“The head harem girl, Quirl,” he answers, which is exactly what Sheena hoped to hear.
“Do me a favor, Pasha, and ask Quirl to suck your cock in order to make you hard when she first joins you…”
“But it’s just come out of your…” and he laughed heartily.
“We know that, but she doesn’t need to…”
“You are a bad girl, Sheena!” and he playfully smacks her on her round bottom as she rises to leave.
“Maybe I should be whipped for it,” she playfully returns. “If you like butt fucking best, I think I like having my bottom striped with a Malacca whip most, out of all the past-times we could partake in…”
“Granted,” the Pasha said, “the next time we conjoin, we’ll start with a stout whipping!”
“Thank you, Master, you are too kind!” and she fairly skipped out of the room.

2 responses to “#381) Harem Girl”

  1. That was quite a story!
    Being a stout spanko I became very excited at the end where SHE made the suggestion that she be spanked first the next time she was called on for sex.
    I love to fantasize about a woman coming into my bedroom
    scantily dressed and, kneeling at my feet with her eyes lowered submissively asking me to soundly spank her bare behind before we began intercourse.
    Then with my uninhibited blessing she would strip and lower herself across my lap. After a thorough warmup I would give her the thing she had requested. When her bottom was warm to the touch and evenly red all over I would begin making love to her although to me foreplay began when she was submissively knelt before me and made that oft dreamed of request.
    Thanx so much for that story!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • From the opposite side of the dynamic, I find it thrilling to ASK for the punishment I fear. It puts me in the right head-space right away.
      Second only to the “errant schoolgirl answering to the administration,” my fantasies about the “harem girl” and her Pasha and fellow sex-slaves is hottest for me. So I really loved writing this tale! You are welcome, Paddlefan, and thank you!

      Liked by 2 people

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