#382) A Derivative, Debauched Poem

I love reading lots of poetry, e e cummings among my favorites. He wrote a poem about a goat-footed balloonman for children. I wrote this one for and about adults.

In just - Summer
when every human is so hot,
my balloonman, the condom-wearing
loverboy, makes me puddle-wonderful.
I cream/cum/climax so
that my satyr bleats happily, then
whistles far and wee.

5 responses to “#382) A Derivative, Debauched Poem”

  1. I love the pic at the top!!! And the part about making you puddle wonderful!
    It’s amazing to me how you find pics that add so much to the stories day after day. The nude girl giving me(I personalize a lot!) a come on look even as it seems she is fixin to get her rear end warmed considerably. I hope there are plenty of women like her to provide me with erotic spanking opportunities
    Thanks bunches for the post!!

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  2. I love it! Been a big E.E. Cummings fan since the 90s. Learned about him during high school/college. Used to write a lot of poetry myself, but now it’s pretty rare. My blog/username comes from one I wrote for my previous blog. Here’s a slightly newer one:


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