#385) Fictionalizing My Feelings

I'm bothered by past regrets.
Troubled enough to take action,
not in some priest's confessional
but with panties lowered and bottom raised.
When his spanking of me is done
I reply, "I don't feel clean,"
as I part reddened cheeks wide,
"I have deep-seated memories of being bad!
You'll have to punish me much more than that..."
My pass makes this skilled backfield player go deep.
"This will make it better," he says
as he presses his point home. And he's correct.
It will make me better; not cured, not whole,
just better, a momentary fix.
I choose to live in the moment, savor the now,
as he pleasure/punishes me, as he purifies me,
a cleansing of the dirtiest kind.
(I want to credit the artist's work above, it is Celestial Cherub by Becsantus.)

2 responses to “#385) Fictionalizing My Feelings”

  1. I read this 3 times. It is awesome. It’s erotic butt it is more than that. Seeking heavy punishment to calm deep-seated memories and their accompanying guilt is very real for many people and you voice it very well. The relief is usually incomplete and very temporary and you touch on that as well..
    This was a seriously awesome post .Thank you!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I suck at those prettily-framed moments…
    those milestones and closures…
    The most beautiful, loving, selfless things I have ever done, looking back, have often felt jagged, messed-up, mean…
    and sometimes, when I’m in that particular place…

    Beautifully raw writing.

    Liked by 3 people

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