#388) Guest Speaker

On the one hand, whenever I arrange to have a guest speaker in my classroom, the students seem to sit up straighter and listen more attentively, even if I’ve already said the exact same thing before to them.
On the other hand, I’m having a problem, a good kind of problem. I’m experiencing something like whiplash in an auto accident. A few weeks ago I hadn’t been spanked in ages (except by myself), a few weeks ago I was going through withdrawal because I hadn’t shared sex with another person in so long. Suddenly it seems like I’m getting spanked all the time, and after almost every single one of those spankings, I’m getting fucked even more righteously. I’ve vowed to try to not say too much about it for fear of jinxing it, but I honestly can think of little else besides when I’ll see my lover next, what we’ll do when he gets home. The gnawing hunger inside me has been sated, I hope permanently. But along with that, the creative spark has diminished, too.
Then a thought reoccurred to me; I should let Robert speak on this forum. This is not an entirely original thought. Back when I first started thinking about publishing a blog, several friends suggested it be a two-way street with both my then-lover and me contributing perspectives. (Thanks again, Hermione and Asa!) The stumbling block to this plan was that just after my blog’s inception, that lover broke-up with me!
Here, then, is my boyfriend, Robert.

I don’t know what to say. Jean Marie is a lovely and loving lady. The thing that strikes me most about her is she’s full of contradictions. She is very sexual but she very shy. When we met it was clear that we liked each other and had a lot in common. She made us wait for the longest time to share anything sexual. She wanted to take it slowly. She said she wanted to be sure it felt right. I told her that it might never feel right. It is nerve wracking to date someone and get to know them. Jean Marie is very self-conscious about her stutter. But once you get to know her, you hardly notice it anymore. It also gets less as she gets more comfortable. She invited me over to her apartment when she was writing for her blog. What I did not realize was that she would be completely naked. She was shaking with nerves and made it clear that she was not coming-on to me. She wanted me to see her at her best and doing what she does best. I wondered if she was being a tease. But she wasn’t. I took my clothes off too. We simply lounged around, and we talked and snacked on foods she laid out for us. When she was standing there and involved in her writing, I kissed her on each butt cheek. That was as intimate as we got that night. But she said it was perfect. Jean Marie doesn’t have a lot of money as a teacher so I’ve taken her out to eat at some nice restaurants. We come home to her place and take our clothes off. At some homes they expect you to take off your shoes when you come in. At Jean Marie’s it seems comfortable to be naked with her. After several dates, when I had only kissed her butt cheeks and kissed her on the mouth to say Good night, I suggested we massage each other. She put a clean bed sheet on her carpet and we used olive oil. It’s no secret that Jean Marie has a noteworthy butt. I spent most my time massaging her there. I joked that it took a lot of time to massage it because it was so big. But she knows that I find her super sexy. I am a butt man. She made my pecker amazing hard by fondling her there. I told her that it did not matter how long it took for her to grow comfortable, that someday I would kiss her butt with spanking like I did with my lips each date. She shyly said that it’d probably sting much more to be spanked on an oiled-up butt. I agreed. She crawled over my lap and said “I think it’s time.” We talked to each other the whole time. Some submissives seem to think that if you are a Dominant, you automatically know how to dominate every single submissive. Jean Marie talks much more than I do, but we each value open communication. I promised her that I wouldn’t say too much about what followed, but we more than kissed. It was amazing and memorable! The other thing that’s notable about Jean Marie is that she is perverted. She likes to do some of the most perverse things I’ve ever done. But there again, she is shy about asking for these things. As soon as we were a couple, she shared with me that she was very anal-erotic and shared some background details from growing-up. But she couldn’t look at me as she shared these intimate details. She had to whisper them to me in the dark. That’s the contradictions in her. I’ve read most of her past posts. She puts her crazy sexual ideas into practice. But she’ll be blushing and closing her eyes at the same time when we do it in real life. We are having fun together.

Well, now I’m blushing! But I can’t deny anything he said; especially that last line. We are having lots of fun!
I want to hear from you! Do you think this is a good idea to have Bob periodically (whenever he wants to) contribute here? (I’m not yet sure what I think, but I’d like to know your reactions, please.)

3 responses to “#388) Guest Speaker”

  1. I enjoyed reading what he had to say. It gives me more than just insight into your relationship with him also more insight into you.
    I don’t know if this is appropriate to say but I would love to read his story about what it’s like to give you the spanking you crave.(mixed with
    fact and fiction of course. There is such a thing as privacy you know)
    Thanx to both of you for a great post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow. I am deeply impressed.
    You write wonderfully.
    But it is also very exciting when someone else writes about you.
    It puts you in a different light.
    I loved what Bob/Robert wrote about you.
    I am a little more in love with you now, dear Jean-Marie.

    Liked by 2 people

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