#389) Monday Fun Day! (Part I)

I’m in the mood to PLAY! Part of this is a reaction to a recent death; I want to dance and draw and sing and smile to rejoice in life. Part of this is a reaction to the fact that Bob is traveling. I didn’t wake-up to a kiss and a spank and a frolic! So I’m gonna get off by writing. Like the lady pictured above, I’m feeling naughty and sexy and I want to get into some Good Trouble (which for me is defined by Butt Stuff, with apologies to John Lewis). So fasten your seat belts, friends!

First, I want to discuss freckles and the lack thereof.

Look at this lovely lass at left. She has both a tan (whether spray-on or not, I’m not sure) and freckles. They dot her shoulders, face, even lips. I find this redhead sexy AF! (I’ve openly shared with you that because I’m in a happy heterosexual relationship, my libidinous mind has shifted to fantasizing LOTS about women.) To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I want to be a glove upon that hand to touch her freckled chin. I want to kiss her freckled lips. I want to pull her top up to ascertain if her titties are tan, freckled, or porcelain white. Are her nipples as red as her lips, are they freckled?

Redheads turn me on so tremendously because of their tendency to freckle. It’s so self-evident if they’ve been in the sun, the proof is right there on their hides. And the converse is true, no one is as fair as a redhead who has abstained from sunbathing. I want to talk some more about this. But right now, I want to stare back into this woman’s lovely green eyes, get completely lost in them, get off…

THIS is the fallacy of WordPress’ rules about what can and cannot be shown! THIS photo is more erotic than many photos I’ve posted. It inspires more pornographic thoughts than many photos showing exposed pussies and anuses. Now I’ll get down off my soapbox and get back into thinking about Red here. After all, a (dirty) mind is a terrible ting to waste. Now leave us alone!

5 responses to “#389) Monday Fun Day! (Part I)”

  1. I used to have a lot of freckles when I was a kid. Unfortunately, when I was in my mid-twenties, they all disappeared.
    Instead, I now have basaliome.
    The beautiful young woman really seems to have your freckles only on the face.

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    • I don’t know what “basaliome” is, Christian, even after spending so much time in my dermatologist’s office.
      Wouldn’t you like the chance to inspect this redhead’s body, to be certain that her freckles are only on her pretty face? I would!
      Jean Marie

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    • I’ll add that word to my lexicon.
      “Oops, I see a freckle on your inner thigh, young lady… yep, here’s another between your ass cheeks! You haven’t been using enough sunblock, spreading it in thoroughly, and for that, you need spanking…”

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  2. I had in fact a skin cancer spot between the buttocks. There was never the sun. I think you get it even if there is a genetic predisposition.
    Nevertheless, you need there beating, simply because it is so beautiful.

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