#390) Freckles (Part II)

I have more to say about freckles (and their absence).

The photos above stand in stark contrast to the one of the redhead in my previous post (#389). The female in the above photos is not freckled and not tan. But look closer. I cannot be certain that they are different models. In fact, I think they might be one and the same, but in the above shots, she’s wearing facial powder and hasn’t had that spray-on tan. Regardless of whether they are the same person, these photos document a wonderfully sexual being shown in a sexy, but chaste, manner. But that’s not what I want to discuss in detail in this post.

This is the enchantress I want to talk about at length. Like the others, she is freckled (so much so, I wonder if she is actually a redhead who’s had a dye job). Like the others, she’s not showing so much as to get me in trouble with WordPress. But from what she is revealing, it looks like she has not sunbathed in the nude. Her breasts and bottom are not freckled. They are pale, porcelain-like, purely lust-inducing. Her freckled shoulders first caught my eye, then the fair skin, followed by those lacy panties stretched across her ass.

These features jump-started my fantasy, but it was her string of pearls that got the X-rated movie playing in my mind. I used to have a long string of pearls like these that I inherited. Mine were not cultured pearls, not expensive in value.

I say “used to have” because I don’t have them anymore. I past boyfriend from long ago “used” them on me, in the way I’d like to use them in this pretty lady…

I’d like to kiss her mouth for a long time, kiss and kiss and kiss some more. Then kiss my way to her earlobe, down her ivory tower of a neck, kiss her nipples for a long time, then kiss my way down her belly and kiss her pussy, for a long, long time.

When her clitty was fully erect, I’d tease it, tongue flick it, make her gasp and squirm. While preoccupying her in this way, I’d finger lots of lubricant up her rosebud. I’d use one finger, then two, to stretch her, really grease the way. And then, while bearing down on her pussy with my mouth, with my lips and teeth and tongue and even nose, I’d gently push the string of pearls up her ass. When I had driven her to the brink of orgasm, when her hips were gyrating to the tune my mouth-music was playing on her pudendum, I’d pull the string of pearls out like a ripcord, so as to send her floating away. Like a first-time parachutist, she’d scream at the rush and the thrill! (I know I did!)

I have a set of anal beads. In my opinion, they are just a bit too big, pushing them up there into place is too disconcerting, too distracting from the pleasure for which they’re intended. Maybe I’m just too sensitive back there, but I love a string of pearls much more. As you may remember, I’m not great at giving head. I’m not a fan of “the pearl necklace” of this type. But a pearl necklace up my butt is an entirely different matter.

4 responses to “#390) Freckles (Part II)”

  1. I may never see pearls in the same way again!
    I like your utilization of them much better than anything I would have thought of and just thinking of them in the terms you described is exciting!
    How do you come up with this stuff????
    Thanx for the post!

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