#391) One More Redhead (Part III)

I’m exhausted, I don’t know about you! But I want to talk about one more thing freckle-related. This post will focus on a model, Austin White. I didn’t know of her before seeing her many modeling shots. That’s her above.

This is her outdoors at the seashore. I like that she’s wearing a top to protect her upper torso from the sun’s rays. I hope she used lots of sunblock on her lower half, especially that bottom.

This is Austin outside in the wintertime. Again (along with a warm coat to protect her between shots and during long set-ups), I hope that she’s wearing sunblock. You can burn from the reflected rays off the snow in the winter. Many people don’t realize this!

This photo is a little more revealing. It looks as though she has taken good precautions; her skin is uniformly fair, creamy…

But of all the photos I’ve seen of Ms. White, I think I like this one most. My mind races to how much fun it’d be to spank her, spank her enough so that the blush of it glowed through her translucent panties. When her lesson was finished, I’d enjoy lowering her black undies (with my teeth) to closely inspect her flesh.

I’d whisper in her ear, “A minister I know would say at this time, ‘Here endth the lesson.’ But he’d be wrong. I want the worship (of your ass) to continue. I want to service you in any way you’d find pleasurable, Austin. Glory be!”

So my friends, what have we learned today? Freckles can be erotic. The absence of freckles can be erotic. Almost anything can be erotic. Except sunburn, that is not erotic. And WordPress’ rules about what is/isn’t permissible are foolish; you can’t legislate morality.

One response to “#391) One More Redhead (Part III)”

  1. Bringing a blush to that bottom could easily become my favorite activity. I would want to repeat the process several times a day of course .
    Thanx for the food for thought!
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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